“AHH”….breathing into this space for the very first time I am filled with such gratitude for all that I have been through, as I slowly but surely made my way home… to me. If you are here reading this, then you too, are in this amazing process of integration, remembering more and more consciously that we are powerful creators. Yes, it has been a hard journey and a lonely one, but we are here now and beginning again, daring to breathe a new reality into form. The struggle is over. Each one of us matters; each with our own particular version of home to share and as we come together, supporting each other, we become unstoppable. “We are who we have all been waiting for”. Welcome to this New Earth.

Energy Postings provide an understanding of how I have experienced the integration of the energy shifts; how the new energy has affected me in my relationships. Life is a magnificent mirror for all that we are ready to see, hear or sense, providing each of us plenty of opportunities to merge with our grander self or remain stuck in our “little” human experience, still willing to blame outside forces for all that is wrong, looking outside of ourselves for a “fix”. My joy, over these past ten years or so, has been discovering how much I love to write and share. It has enabled me to find my own unique voice of expression and to share with you how I have experienced the recent energetic “upgrades”, hopefully supporting and/or inspiring you throughout this intensely personal journey of divine/human integration.

“Real Eyes”…is a humorous, lighter evolution of my postings that bubbled in with the new 2013 energy. Can you imagine that your life is perfect right now, just as it is, holding the key to your expansion, if you are merely willing to feel what is real for you….

Time now to open those eyes…