Preparing for this full moon in Scorpio has been a rigorous undertaking. The pressures have been intense, as we have each been purifying and strengthening our connections to SELF. There can be no wrong moves in this global awakening that we are all a part of, each one of us contributing in our own way. Can there be one snowflake that matters more than another? How ludicrous! It is the beauty of all those flakes piling up together that forms the landscape. It is the uniqueness of each flake that holds the mystery.

It was my mother’s eightieth birthday this past week and the gift that she continues to be to me and to all five of her children was readily apparent. She is a female who is embracing life, expanding at a time when many in her phase of life would have agreed to the many outside restrictions imposed. Not her, not my Mom and what a gift to her three daughters to witness her many life affirming choices. Does it get any better than this? Breathing deeply into my choice to feel free in my physical body in this lifetime, free of old constrictions and beliefs, my answer comes in swiftly, “YES!”

When we are fully aligned with our source energy, we are in a constant state of flow with no need to protect or avoid. This moment is all that is ever needed, as everything is right here with each in-breath. Never is there a need to worry that there is not enough. Our natural birthright is abundance in whichever form that we desire and many are now waking and allowing themselves once more to feel what it is they want. The fears that kept us locked into old patterns, resisting what we don’t want, are now dissolving and more and more of us are able to focus on our true desires. The 11:11 portal opened widely and a unified force field of heart resonance is now sounding continually within and without.

The full moon in Scorpio, falling on November the 21st, provides the chance to see clearly what we have been healing and which initiation test we have just re-taken. It is supporting the deep shadow work just completed and will help show the way towards the new experience that we have all been preparing for. Know that if you have lived through the ‘scorpion’s bite’, like the phoenix, it is time to begin again; this time in your own version of truth.

Until next Friday.