By Brenda Harley

Oscillating frequencies of late have us all feeling somewhat at odds; vulnerable at times or anxious and unsettled, then feeling completely at ease, calm and grounded. We seem to be between channels, switching back and forth between the old and the new trying to find where we fit best. The main difference now is that there is a constant flow of higher guidance, asking us to be true to ourselves. Our consciousness is in a state of expansion able to hold a personal perspective within the framework of the greater good.

The New Moon in Sagittarius on the weekend invites us to become increasingly aware of how we operate in life. We are either contributing through fear or not, building and creating as we go. The next 2000 year cycle, the Age of Aquarius, will be about mastering our mental processes, as our emotional natures submit to the state that our thoughts create. It is only our perspective that we control, the how of the experience, rather than the experience itself.

I have been reminded of this the past few days, as my computer screen dims, then builds strength again, mimicking the outer adjustments that we are all going through. At times I find myself able to laugh and let go of my schedule, still other times I am just completely frustrated by all that is happening. So many of our electrical devices are mal-functioning these days, cars may need service or the plumbing or electrical wiring within our homes is on the fritz. Systems are in overload as the re-boot continues and many are feeling physical adjustments to the higher frequencies of electromagnetic Light Currents.

There is much happening within and without, as we straddle the doorways of the 11:11 and the 12:12, preparing for the winter solstice and a full moon lunar eclipse. The potentials for balance, harmony, and abundance for all are growing stronger by the day as more and more awaken to their divine natures. The holiday season will provide many chances to align even more with what makes us feel good. So let go of guilt and do what makes you happy, for you are the only one on your list that really matters. Happiness can be felt by all.