By Brenda Harley

As the plane landed last night with a clear view of this city that I have consciously chosen to call home, I was filled with such gratitude. I was just back from celebrating my mother’s 80th birthday in NYC, a trip that my mother had planned, wanting to take all of her daughters and daughters-in-law to see the Rockettes perform their famous Christmas Spectacular at Radio City Music Hall. It was unexpected and extremely generous, bringing us all from our various locations to be together in New York. Only one was unable to say “yes”, leaving four of us, plus mother and her bussing roomy, Barb, to have the trip of a lifetime, short and yet jam packed with memories, chaos and laughter. Could there be a better gift?

It was as I settled down to sleep, looking out my bedroom window, feeling all the joy of returning home to a loving family that I helped create, that I saw it… shining brightly down on me….the North Star. Instantly it was as though I was receiving the gift of the Magi, the simplicity and magic of this thing we call life and I understood that this was the teaching from our Christmas story. I was instantly back in Radio City Music Hall watching the splendour of the story unfold through music, song and dance, a dance so intricately choreographed that my eyes often misted at the beauty of what I was witnessing, my heart brimming with joy that I had given myself this gift of saying, “yes”!

You see I am not a city girl, not at all. Normally the mere thought of such a trip would have filled me with dread. As an energetically sensitive child, my body most often reacted to new or unknown experiences with a range of unpleasant symptoms and even though some of those attempted to get my attention during this trip, I felt altogether different. I was there because I wanted to be there and I knew that my physical body would just have to catch up and eventually it did! OK was I home by then and yet the entire trip was a positive experience for me. I felt safe and centered the entire time and know that I will go back again; this time to be fully present with the experience. This is what that magnificent crescent moon reminded me of as we drove home along the lake road. This season is all about joy, peace and love; learning how to love ourselves so courageously that we finally accept our own self worth, the one with no price tag! We are all priceless. Remember to celebrate you this Christmas, as well as all those you bless with your presence.