By Brenda Harley

“HAPPY HOLIDAYS, happy holidays,” the same lyrics keep circulating around and around in my head these days…hmm…I wonder why! It seems to me that lately it is all about my internal state. How exactly can the holidays be happy ones if I am not? Yesterday I caught myself wrapping with some very old energy attached to it, almost rushing the kids through like it was some kind of ordeal. Catching myself, I slowed down and entered the moment more fully and found myself enjoying their antics as they pretended to need me more than they actually did. How kind.

It is an intense time of the year with extras piled on top of extras at a time when our bodies crave less. It is a time to become more present with yourself and allow the inner guidance to be heard; a time to put your self first when life is telling you that everything else on the list is more important. With a total lunar eclipse of the last full moon of the year falling on the winter solstice, it is next to impossible to miss the invitation to take stock. Stop and feel into all that you have agreed to and ask yourself if it is serving you and if not, choose again. Yes, it is that simple. Gift yourself. The full moon in Gemini will illuminate your new awareness.

As a mother, I am continually amazed at our creator powers, from birthing life into human form we simply continue to give form to our ideas. At Christmas most of us share the desire to make our families feel special. We go out of our way to make all the favourite dishes and to allow our home to shine its’ best light. To do this we first gather the means to secure precious treasures for each and every one who means something to us, perhaps spending money that we don’t have to buy a temporary form of satisfaction or happiness and often times treating those who truly matter to us in ways that make them feel less than somehow. Maybe this is the year to feel more and do less, responding to our families in new ways and allowing ourselves to spontaneously interact with life differently somehow.

My sense is that we are on the threshold of something truly magical and that it is well within the grasp of each one of us. This Christmas I will be breathing into my choice to be joyful, to be at peace and to be the loving soul that I am. This is the greatest gift that I can possible give, the gift of me and I am holding the vision of a world where every one knows their true value and trusts them selves enough to share it in whichever way makes them feel good. The final countdown to 2012 is upon us and it is now up to us to create a new world. No problem! We are already doing it…by becoming conscious creators. Merry Christmas to all.