By Brenda Harley

It is such a surprise that I am writing this morning, the first day of the New Year. I awoke with no plans, other than pure laziness, like the cat that I am! Then whoosh, the energy builds until I am nearly bursting at the seams with excitement and I simply must sit and ground myself so that some of it can be put down into words. This is precisely how new energy moves, with excitement and purpose, creating happiness as it flows.

Yesterday on the last day of a very challenging year, I was once again reminded of how much I love this little town, as I moved about our local grocery store running into many and sharing New Year’s wishes. “Where in today’s world can one go and feel so at home”, I wondered as I felt the gratitude for all of the choices that we have made, as a couple, to stay here. It was around this point in my own awareness that a woman approached me, someone who I have always known and yet not known. She wanted to express how much she enjoys reading my articles and I was once again overwhelmed with joy at the simplicity of how good it feels to do what you want and offer from that place. She turned to leave, yet hesitated and then chose to return once again to share a concern she has for her son, who appears at this moment in time to be a little lost. I offered what encouragement I could and we parted.

It was only this morning, as I realized how excited I was feeling that I understood. Her son is one of many, sensitive souls, arriving on this planet humming their own tune. The only problem is that when they arrived their vibration was much higher than the earth’s current vibration and so to fit in, they had to dim their current so to speak. The analogy that I often find myself using is that of a light bulb wired for 120 watts, attempting to use a circuit running at about 100. You can easily see that there will be problems and yet it is not the light bulb’s problem!

As parents, we often make the mistake of thinking that our children, who are able to express their own and very accurate take on the world’s state of affairs, with all of the accompanying concerns and worries, way too personally. Of course they are ours, the apple does not fall far from the tree, and we too had to do our own adjusting. The beauty is that if we are still here listening, then we are in a powerful position to assure them of the only thing that really matters; that there is nothing wrong with them. They are merely feeling and expressing what others do not and they too, have been wounded by the harsh realities of life, as we have known it, on this planet. Like Jake, in the movie Avatar, they are awakening to a new reality. They need only find the safe space to explore their feelings and be validated to more fully come into their own. They are looking for ways to return to their own true vibration and from this place to offer their gifts.

“We are the ones that we have all been waiting for”, as the well known Hopi saying has always prophesied. Our earth is changing. All signs are pointing to the truth that we can no longer continue on this path of disrespect and abuse that has brought us so close to the brink of destruction. Our children, just as the Bible says, are leading the way; their gentleness, their desire for love and cuddling, for respect and fairness, as well as for safety, joy, play and harmony; all of their needs are telling us very clearly what is needed. All of EARTH needs the same. There is plenty to go around when we all start sharing and stop fighting. Look to the young, trust in yourself, feel more and share who you are without fear. All of us have gifts to offer and a thread to contribute to this magnificent new tapestry that will become the NEW EARTH. Welcome to 2011, the year of miracles. Believe in yourself and it will all work out.