By Brenda Harley

The New Moon of January 4th in Capricorn, urging us to manifest our true and higher purpose, with its accompanying solar eclipse, hit many like a brick wall. Suddenly it felt as though we had been disconnected. I felt very much as though I had gone to bed in one world and had woken in a bad dream with many confusing feelings of despair that just didn’t seem to match me. It took some time before realizing that I was just picking up the energies that many are now releasing. The old is now gone and we are in a type of void that the personality finds very uncomfortable, as the new energy is not quite here yet. It is a time to stabilize and adjust our energies. We are the ones who will be building again; from business to anything else that we have been dreaming about, it is now time to start fresh with new insight and hope, owning our spiritual power.

The new moon, which heralds the New Year, was square our Milky Way galactic centre with Jupiter, the planet of expansion and Uranus, the great awakener, having major roles. Many, this year, will be feeling urges to take part in life in a new way; one with more connectivity and meaning. We are meant to work together. As each one of us clears trust issues, which have held us prisoner in our pain bodies in need of protection, we are able to start opening again to our heart’s direction and listen to life with its myriad messages. 2011 will be supporting all who ask for assistance to move forward with their life purpose. Every single one of us matters to the unfolding plan for planet Earth. Joy and play are our natural states. Watch any musician perform and you instantly know those who play and offer from their passion. You cannot help but be touched with their message. At present music is the least resisted form of new energy exchange.

The Great Shift, which is talked about in many venues, has already occurred with man taking a great leap forward on the level of consciousness. We are aware more and more every day of the inter-connectedness of all life forms and are accepting the responsibility that goes with such a profound understanding. This is the gift that we are all being offered. As we open more and more to our own feelings, letting go of blame and becoming the co-creators that we are, all of life will benefit. And so it goes, one by one, as we become the change that we want to see in the world. Welcome to 2011, welcome home.
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