By Brenda Harley

As the intensity of the January energies reach their climax, on the full moon in Cancer on the 19th, most of us will have a much clearer idea of all that we have released and broken free of, as we prepare for our truest New Beginnings ever with Jupiter, the planet of expansion, entering Aries, the beginner or pioneer. Those with Aries as their sun sign may well be almost crazed with the desire to start something fresh, something that matters to them and holds more than the potential of meeting survival needs. All of us are looking for a foundation stone upon which to start building. Humanity is poised on a break through of proportions never before experienced and anyone with even a hint of heart connection is going a little bit nuts with the current state of the world.

On one hand we feel as though things are really changing for the better and yet the extreme weather conditions, the financial insecurity that so many feel, the volatile eruptions that make up so much of what we call news coverage paints an entirely different picture. Part of us is screaming that things are even worse than ever before. So what to believe? Where do we turn to take care of the emotional roller coaster that many now find themselves on, as our hearts open to feel once again and the hypnosis of the past starts lifting? It is a very uncomfortable space for the ego and personality; the mind looking always to the past to solve current issues. Too long without trusting our instincts has many unprepared for where we now find ourselves, in this new and vulnerable heart space.

Watching the news last night and hearing the emotion in President Obama’s voice, as he spoke at the funeral of the little girl killed in the recent Tucson attack in the grocery store, made me realize how quickly energies move through tragedy. Our hearts unite as one with the parents, imagining the enormity of their loss and mourning the beauty of the daughter who will never have the chance to grow up. In that moment the connection between us is palpable. It is a potent force for change to be in that awareness and not choose anger as our response. Who knows the reality of the young man who acted out his anger on so many innocents that day? Is the depth of his parents’ grief any less? 2011 is well on its way to being a very uncomfortable year. It takes tremendous courage to feel in a world that has become almost insane and yet it is our only hope. It is our only power. The only antidote for fear is love and “what the world needs now is…..” I hear a song, do you? Believe in yourself and begin with your heart wide open and feel the renewed enthusiasm and vitality that follows. WE are the ones that we have all been waiting for.

Brenda is a New Energy Facilitator and can be reached for an appointment at or 514)497-1598.