By Brenda Harley

The full moon in Cancer, of this past week, illuminated vividly the places our inner most fears and doubts still held a charge. It has not been an easy week, facing ourselves once again, in final preparation for the brand New Beginnings, heralded by the entry of Jupiter into the sign of Aries. Now for the first time in over 17,000 years, a new cycle begins, thus ending the Piscean Age, a time where we were ruled by our fears and held prisoner within the 3rd dimensional experience of life. Many are now becoming aware of how their own hostage energy works and are making the choice to feel better, accepting the responsibility of creatorship. We are making a huge evolutionary jump into the Age of Aquarius where we will begin to create in a more loving and respectful manner.

All dimensions occur simultaneously. It is only our awareness which signals the degree of wakefulness, as we begin to emerge form the “hypnosis” of lifetimes of repetitive cycles. Every dimension is held in place by a certain set of rules and constructs. We are now beginning to travel between the 3rd, 4th and 5th dimensions, and are starting to understand the differences. Within the 3rd dimension, we experience time as either linear, with past, present and future appearing as a straight line or we begin to sense or acknowledge that even though we may think that this experience is new, our emotional body is recognizing the limitations of the experience even as we are having it. Our point of perception widens to include us witnessing ourselves having and reacting to an experience. In the 5th, we begin to emotionally detach and are able to observe our self more easily from a higher point of compassion with less judgement. ALL of us are currently going through this process of evolution; whether it is still more unconscious or becoming conscious really does not matter.

The Earth is shifting upwards in frequency, as each of us aligns more and more every day with source energy. We are the change that we have all been waiting for, as our hearts and higher minds stop fighting and start working together, understanding that we all want the same thing; a world where everyone works peacefully and collaborates with each other to find solutions, understanding that there are more than enough resources to support our current population. Really it is simple and we were all taught this very well in kindergarten! It is time to go back to the basics and expect more from ourselves and all who serve us. Let the fears and doubts of not being good enough and of there not being enough wash through you, watching in disbelief at the time wasted. We are all the same. Every one of us wants to be part of building a better world. It is hard wired into our hearts, which incidentally radiate a charge ten times the size of the electromagnetic field of our brains! Or something like that….believe or not….this is your choice.
Brenda is a New Energy Facilitator, a certified Crimson Circle teacher, as well as a Tom Kenyon certified Sound Practitioner. Contact her at or 514)497-1597 if you are ready for change.