By Brenda Harley

This has been an unexpected week of physical de-toxing, one that I do not remember signing up, for but clearly did! I know enough about this strange spiritual/human integration process not to fight it anymore. It is what it is and this too shall pass. Anything that we resist persists. So I opened myself to all that my body asked of me. It wanted rest and liquids only, salt baths and lots of couch surfing. My body was simply releasing all the negative emotional energy that I had given voice to earlier in the week. It is true that the feminine gifts of nourishment and support have long been abused and it is necessary now to feel in order to heal this imbalance within and without.

I am blessed to not be engaged in any drama, long since choosing the path of inner value to connect more deeply to my own soul’s guidance. I now reside in a place that many are now being called to enter; a place deep within to listen to their own story and find what no longer serves; a call to become who they truly are and to express from this place of wholeness or holiness.

You can imagine that after two days on the couch and not much in my belly, that it was a surprise to find myself f cleaning this morning, not from any place of burden or duty, simply awareness that things needed order. I enjoyed myself so much, as I slowly moved from one room to another with no sign of fatigue. This is how the integration process happens. Slowly, slowly ever so slowly, spirit enters as we slow down, make room and get out of our own way, allowing the mind to finally recede into the background. Our body knows how to do everything else. I know that today I am in a new place and that new experience must spring forth here. It is that simple.

Already I have had my first new potential show up in a very surprising way, a call generated from an internet inquiry. Normally I would be very guarded, but this time I found myself listening and responding in a very different and grounded way, wondering of this could be a piece of my next expansion. After all, I am never alone. The New Moon of February 2nd in Aquarius takes us deep into our belly, where the breath connects us to our soul. It is an opportunity to connect to and to nourish the child within and to allow that which has been percolating to burst forth in a new creative endeavour, fuelled by your passion. We are all on our way now. Trust yourself to know what feels right for you and let that little child do what feels good. Life is waiting for us to want to have fun.
Brenda is an Empowerment Coach who works in New Energy. Contact her if you are ready for change: or 514) 497-1597.