Do you remember the movie, Groundhog Day, with Bill Murray? I had never seen it, yet had been intrigued enough about what I had heard to try to rent it once. Apparently it was not yet my time, as it was unavailable. Last weekend, all on its’ own, it showed up for me, right in the comfort of my own home on a movie channel, just in time for Groundhog Day! Finally I got to see it for myself and it made a great deal of sense to me. I am glad that I had not seen it earlier, as I am sure that it would have only led to more confusion.

Coming out of  our unconscious state of repetitive lessons and moving slowly and surely towards a more conscious state of awareness, has required a willingness to feel things that have been more than uncomfortable, as we have cleared more and more of what held us hostage in our own negative state. All of humanity is under going this momentous shifting into a higher state of conscious connection. It is now being reflected back in so many places with the demand rising for more and more healthy choices in line with our vision of a healthy planet. We all share a vested interest in coming out of an economy based solely on profit.

As I awoke this morning to witness the beauty of a winter sky at sunrise, the pinks contrasting like ribbons on the wrapping beneath, I was overcome with joy; the simple joy of being alive to receive this gift. More and more every day now, I find myself able to find more of the positives than ever before. It is no longer a mental process, but rather a feeling state, one reached after much time spent finally coming to peace with all of the negative emotions held deep within. Was it difficult? Yes. Was it worth it? Absolutely! I feel freer today than I did, even as a child. Life is again opening for me.

With the New Moon of last week, all of us have now moved into a higher alignment with our source energy. If you have been consciously on the path, you may be feeling more in tune than ever before. Conversely, if you have been living your life primarily from an unconscious perspective, things may appear to be heating up. Not to worry, remember what happens to iron ore in the smelting process. It is transformed into the strongest of metals, steel. This is what is happening to us. We can’t stop it. It is natural and it eventually gets better, way better. Our true natures are happy and creative.