By Brenda Harley

What a week it has been, as we continue to receive constantly increasing waves of high frequency light, which have an extreme affect on our emotional and physical fields. We need only look to Egypt where the old continues to try to hold power while a huge wave of protest demands change, to see how it is playing out. Much like the sixties infused the planet with a wave of love and a desire for more freedom; this next wave will not be stopped. The young ones arriving since the Harmonic Convergence, a planetary alignment which took place back in 1987, hit the age of maturity in 2012 and their level of consciousness is now affecting all outcomes. There is a sort of energetic pendulum swinging back and forth, exploring the new and re-visiting the old in order to determine what feels best. It is happening both within and without. Contrast has been the operating physics of duality.

Many who are energetically sensitive and have always held the desire to experience a kinder, gentler world; one based on cooperation rather than competition, have been holding the space for these next ones to shine. We are the ones who have held hope alive and are now ready for the next level of expansion. It is time now to ground and own the truth of who we are, letting go of the all those places where the “not good enough” or maybe even just “not enough” energies have played themselves out again and again. Now is the time to step up and take ownership of all the feelings of lack and limitation that are being cleared now from the collective field, discerning the difference between what is now departing and is not ours, even as it feels so familiar. These feeling states are just passing through, as our divinity anchors more firmly into this time and place. Our divine natures are inherently free and abundant.

As the full moon in Leo presents itself on the 18th, it will be a time to release the old once and for all. In the full light of illumination we have a magnificent opportunity to see ourselves clearly and to define our dreams, imagining how we choose to feel as we move through these next few years. The energies will continue to be unstable for about three years, which opens tremendous opportunity for those who have released the old patterns of ego control. Leo rules the heart and with Valentines upon us, it is the perfect time to trust our feelings. Loving yourself enough to be kind to yourself and sharing what helps you feel better, might just help another and is powerful medicine. Contrast is just that, an illusion. No longer do we require the opposite to know what we want. Focusing on our own happiness attracts more positive into our lives. We’re only magnets after all.