By Brenda Harley

The full moon in Leo hit me personally with a wallop! Was it only last week that I wondered what I could possibly have left to release when the full moon shows up in my birth sign? It seems as though time has new meaning these days, as some moments fly by so quickly that you can not even remember what just happened, while others seem to stand still, allowing you to be with yourself in a way that you would almost rather not! Distractions no longer work, as we integrate more and more of our divine natures into our everyday realities. Once you have contacted that higher voice within, there is no quieting it.

The recent solar flare activity, with the strongest eruptions since December of 2006, has affected much. Always my physical body reacts and is temporarily side tracked into needing all of its attention just to integrate these new higher frequencies. Always I forget and wonder why my body can no longer do the simple things required of it? Sleep is disrupted, as is digestion and yet all returns to normal, if indeed there is such a place, as the energy finds its own internal balance. All I ever have to do is stay out of my own way! Choosing what makes me feel good is always the best medicine for me. Allowing worry or fear simply prolongs the negative state.

We are entering a new phase of life, as all of life adjusts to the higher frequencies now being held on this planet. As each one of us explores our own desire for more freedom, it adds to the whole. It makes no difference whether or not the freedom you seek is internal or external, only that you allow yourself to listen to what you want. The Leo full moon, the fifth of five super moons in a row, has opened all of us to the voice of our hearts. This quiet voice is now in control and all of earth is responding. As Egypt has shown us, when the new is ready to be birthed it simply takes power. The new energetic “currency” is one based on love. All the old relationships based on ‘neediness’ are now in the process of leaving. They will simply crumble and dissolve away. Equality in every way imaginable is now emerging as the energy drive for the new economy. Each of us has something to offer and as we access our true hearts desires more and more, we can enter into this natural state of being. Last night I was fortunate to be sitting in our own little Hudson Theatre, listening to a young and very talented Maritime performer, Catherine Maclellan, singing and sharing her truth with these words, “I’m going to set my heart afire and bring this light to the world.” It was clear, lovely to listen to and very easy to digest. The question now is, shouldn’t we all? Her friend, Tanya Davis, a spoken word artist, also performed, and has a Utube video out called “How To Be Alone,”   further proof that all we ever need be is ourselves.