By Brenda Harley


“Are you kidding me?” my mind screams, as I sit down to write, the date just not making any sense to me, as “it was only just Christmas!”  Again I take that now very familiar deep and conscious breath and remind myself where I am and exactly what day it is. Yes, our relationship to time is changing, in a sense, collapsing like everything else around us in order to find a new way to serve. All of life is moving into higher alignment with source energy and that means upheaval for most, revolution for some and a quiet sense of bewilderment for others. Nothing seems to match or fit anymore; it is like as a child we suddenly find that somehow we seem to have outgrown our old clothes! “When did that happen?” we wonder.

Personally, I have experienced this new state as one of increased harmony within, as the frantic energies increase their chaotic dance around me. It is as though time stands still and I am able to connect deeply to a place of deep peace and to breathe forward, is the only way that I can explain it. Even though this present state feels negative in some way, it is as though I am choosing in every moment now what I will allow to be my own internal state. Is it one of acceptance and allowing or am I still caught up in whatever dramatic energies are now departing? There no longer seems to be any middle ground. Most everyone is experiencing some low level state of irritation, worry or frustration over something of which they have absolutely no control. It is within this state that we are being asked to make a choice and discover or more precisely remember what we came here to master in this life time; not easy, not at all. Yet here we are.

As usual my challenge was mainly physical and what I discovered, once I got over the negative state of fearing that something was wrong, was a very new and beautiful relationship between food and me. Much to my surprise I was asked to be more in harmony with my food choices, in other words to become more conscious of what I was eating. Yet again I realized that it is not what we eat that makes the difference, but rather the state in which we receive our choice that determines the outcome. For me, as I slowed down enough to ask myself what I really wanted, I discovered that coffee and chocolate were like medicine for me. Now I am not advocating for anyone to follow my lead, I am saying that we are all being asked to harmonize our internal and external worlds. Each one of us will do this our own way. The result of my listening deeply to what my soul was asking for from my body was that it wanted me to enjoy more, fret less and allow what was happening  to just happen. Integration is an individual experience with no rights, no wrongs and many unexpected twists and turns. Within one day of deep listening and much amusement, my physical body was again in perfect alignment. All is in perfect order even within the chaos. The New Moon in Pisces on March 4th is supporting all of us, as we go deeper into the undercurrents and remember that we can breathe here too.