By Brenda Harley


Keeping our balance, as everything around us crumbles and falls seems to be the order of the day. Awakening to another unknown this morning, on the New Moon in Pisces, had me checking in and discovering that even though I do not like the uncertainty of change, I am able to connect to a place of calm. Life happens; it is how we deal with what is happening that matters and now, more than ever, we are finding out just how true this is. The question becomes, “how are you feeling as you navigate the winds of change?”


Uranus, the great awakener, has now joined five other planets in the pioneering sign of Aries. The entire planetary system, of which Earth is only a part, is now poised for a very new beginning. We are leaving a fear based operating system and moving into a conscious based operating system that asks us to be aware and free of our personal fears, as we move forward. Joseph Campbell, the pioneer of consciousness, writes that most do not survive returning home after the epic hero’s journey into darkness because the shadow holds all survival fears experienced over all life times. This is a biggie and many of us have made the soul commitment to do just this. My repetitive childhood nightmare is now starting to make sense. I am floating free, feeling good and then suddenly, I am condensed into a constricted sensation of being caught and am feeling extremely claustrophobic. I am afraid, deathly afraid and longing for the sensation of space and freedom that I vaguely remember. This is now becoming the waking nightmare for many, unable to escape this impending sensation which threatens to constrict all of life. It is a choice point that requires the compassion that only self love can bring. No where will we find relief other than deep within.


Choosing a reality based on the higher principles of equality, fairness, integrity, love and joy should be a no brainer right? Yet our body holds a habitual pattern that has kept us alive so far and is now working over time. The brain is wired to go back through all the data already experienced and find a solution and yet here we are in a place never before experienced. You can see the conundrum. Can you be here and focus on what feels good, on where you are going? Like the calm in the center of the hurricane, there is a still place within that can assist with this transition and there are many ways to access. Humour is one and can be a fast way to link in and raise our vibration. My partner reminded me of this just yesterday, sending me a link to a recipe site, where not only did he prove the existence of something called an apple pomegranate crisp, but to drive home the absurdity of my resistance to change, he found it and it was titled, “Brenda’s” Apple Pomegranate Crisp! Perhaps it is time for more wonder.