By Brenda Harley


Breathing slowly and deliberately with the intense and personal waves of energy sweeping the planet and all of us on her into their new positions, has taken great fortitude this week. March 9th hit like a blast, completely unexpected by most and took many into directions that they were not aware of having chosen. Yet there are no mistakes. Humanity has chosen in a collective wave to move beyond fear, as the operating principle of life and so most are now confronting core issues. Much like the earthquake in Japan, resulting in a tsunami that has not yet reached shore as I sit here to write, we are all sitting in a new and vulnerable space, one defined only by our beliefs.

Carl Calleman writing about the Mayan Calendar and the evolutionary phases that we are now encountering, states that the 9th wave, the Universal Underworld; the final phase of completion before birthing the new world into form, began on March 9th. No wonder it went so deep. It is the final period of darkness, as we transition through out shadows into the light. Pyramids were built on this principle, each step leading upwards towards a smaller platform with the energies continuing to accelerate. If you have been feeling as though time is moving at warp speed, this is why.

The energies received between December’s solstice and the New Moon of January 4th activated the galactic core of Earth and all of us have entered into a more profound alignment with our soul’s purpose. The year 2011 is a cosmic balancing point of unity consciousness with polarities such as masculine/feminine, intuition/logic, and east/west now coming together to work as one. As each one of us relinquishes more and more into our soul’s guidance, merging the power of a free and creative mind with passion, the energy available to us becomes exponential. It is a time of rapid and intense acceleration. No, you are not going crazy! As you allow yourself to feel more and more of your true heart’s desires, unencumbered by fear, you will begin to free yourself and move naturally towards your place. All of us waking now to our souls’ calling are needed to be in service for the next wave of awakening humans. As Gregg Braden teaches in the Biology of Belief, the tipping point for a population of 8 billion is only 8000!

Today March 11th, marks a beginning, as Uranus re-enters Aries where it sits until 2019; evolutionary change at warp speed! March 19th hosts the full moon in Virgo, aligned with Uranus and the Galactic Core. The focus on personal freedom will pay off, as we discover our own ability to create positive changes in our lives. The spring equinox, also in Aries, is the beginning of the astrological New Year and with the sun also aligning with Uranus in Aries; it will be a launching pad, building a powerful momentum of change in all areas of life. Hold onto your seats and know, in the deepest recesses of your hearts, where you want to go.