By Brenda Harley


Waking this morning from a dream, I felt disoriented and was not sure which was real, the dream state where I had been organizing chess matches, a surprise for someone who has never played or even been interested in the game or this waking reality with all the trauma currently being experienced by so many in Japan. It took me a moment to fully awaken and know which was real. But is it? So much is now being disclosed as the Earth shifts fully into perfect alignment with the galactic center and the poles shift their magnetics. Witnessing how different the experience of the earthquake in Japan is from that same event experienced in Haiti, allows us to see clearly that it is the consciousness of the people involved who are making the difference. The devastation and desperation would be the same and yet there is something else happening in Japan, something deeper.


My dream state held a sense of community responsibility and as I woke more fully, I understood that Japan is becoming a shining example at a time when many would be showing a baser and more individual type of survival mentality. All effort now requires a coming together rather than a pulling apart. The Full Moon in Virgo, again what is termed a super moon, because it is in the last degree of its’ sign, is shining the full light of compassion on an Earth that has for too long been held captive by the consciousness of fear. Slowly now we are waking collectively from a bad dream. For far too long the wealth of our entire world has been manipulated by an elite few and as countries such as Egypt and Libya liberate themselves from corrupt government rule, so too do we. We are all one under the sun. Only those in integrity shall now be able to access power.


This morning as I allowed myself the luxury of gazing out the window, preparing to write and letting my thoughts settle, slowly sipping the last remnants of a delicious coffee, I saw a string of returning geese, the first of this spring. I almost gasped, as the memory of my sadness at realizing that I had probably just witnessed the last of the fall fly overs, hit me in that instant. Spring is already here. Last week the red cardinal showed up and began his mating call at the top of our highest tree and I rejoiced at his safe return. This sensation of what I like to call ‘Alice falling down the rabbit hole’ is becoming a regular occurrence for me, as time is now moving at warp speed. Life as we have known it is collapsing in on itself to give birth to a higher reality. Life is becoming a waking dream.


Many this past week or two have been experiencing their own inner quaking or tsunami with flu-like symptoms assisting the physical body integrate its entire body of consciousness. No longer will separation be the driving force of mass consciousness. Unity consciousness will emerge as the operating principle in all things. The old energies have been dislodged and will find their natural resolution more easily if we become more consciously aware of what we are feeding and choose what we want, rather than reacting to what no longer serves us and is now leaving. Focus is a powerful tool.


Here in the northern hemisphere, the spring equinox heralds the birth of the new alignment into a higher expression of truth, integrating our divine and human selves. Life is waiting. As we resonate more and more with our true soul’s song, the attributes that each of us carries will come forth to assist in which ever manner we are most suited. Japan is showing us clearly, with its orderly conduct, how best to move forward, taking care of the most dependent needs first and moving out from there. We have much to learn from this model with most of our young and our elderly feeling isolated and disenfranchised from life; mothers unable to afford to stay at home for those most important early developmental years, no one there to provide choices other than expensive “homes” for our seniors and no one with the time to even begin to harness their wisdom, young boys with no mentors in the school systems and to top it all off we are all now very much aware, thanks to Japan, that we all have nuclear ‘bombs’ ready to blow in our own back yards. “Come on people now, smile on your brother, everybody get together, time….not try… to love everybody right now.”  I think the Carpenters would understand.