By Brenda Harley


The immense sadness released with the super moon of last weekend is still moving through all of us and our beloved planet. It was a magnificent moment of transfiguring divine love that supported each one of us as we completed some facet of our divine plan. It may have felt as though the feeling that you were tapping into was part of your personal story or made no logical sense what so ever and yet you participated somehow in a type of energy transformation. My sense is that the balance of masculine and feminine energies is now coming into a higher vibrational resonance with life and that life can now begin to reflect this healing.


Always life shows me what I am learning and this past weekend was no different. We were at a ski hill up north and were enjoying the sun out on the balcony when I heard the familiar sound of ski boots clumping along the muddy roadside. “John”, a voice called, “can you open the back door when you get in?” Quickly came the reply, “I can, but what’s wrong with walking? I’m just saying….” Instantly I felt it, the entire play having been enacted on this planet in so many ways, so many times and in so many different flavours. John continues on, skis slung easily over his shoulders, and I look back to see who was asking. Sadly and not to my surprise, I see a mother and her young son, laden down with the equipment for two and so tired, having been the one to wait and encourage the little one to keep walking, not an easy feat in those lead-weight boots! I hear myself inside my head “John” I call, “what’s wrong with helping? I’m just saying….” And that was it, the damn broke and I cried and allowed the sadness to express, even though it was not mine, for I too have participated in the martyrdom of motherhood. It was only later that night, as I watched the magnificence of that beautiful full moon rising in all her glory that I understood and realized how much I have done to heal all that was out of balance in my life and my relationships. It is done. I too am magnificent. I too am perfect just the way that I am.


It is completely freeing to accept life on its own terms. I am done with wondering what else I should do to fit in or what else I should learn to feel complete. I am here to offer my perspective on life, to uplift and inspire. It is what I love to do and have always done and it is enough, more than enough. Each of us, with our own unique offering, holds a place in the tapestry of life and all we are asked to do is own it, show up and share it. Cool. I wonder why being your self is the hardest thing to ask anyone to do and I no longer think that it is such a mystery. Our children get it. Jake in the movie Avatar, finally got it. I see you, do you….