By Brenda Harley

It is all making sense now as I type in the date of April 1st…this must be some kind of cosmic joke right? Well maybe a bit of yes and a bit of no! March the 30th hosted six planets moving into Aries and to say that it has been easy would not be very kind. The past few months have been extremely intense. Many are experiencing flu like symptoms, as the denser energies leave the physical realms through our bodies. We are the bridges and we are passing through the final constrictions of an old world order collapsing. As the sh…ift is hitting the pavement all around me, I am calm, centered and ready. I have been preparing all my life for this moment.

I woke this morning with the music from last night’s Greys Anatomy playing in my head. It was a compelling show, with one of their own struggling to hold onto life after a car accident; her family of choice, all doctors like her, fighting hard to save the life of her unborn child as well as her own. It was filled with life and death choices all playing out as the music wove a tapestry of feelings between and around the story. It was an appropriate ending to my day, a day that had been ripe with new creative endeavours, based very much on my mothering foundation. It took me right into the insane pressure of three natural deliveries, all accomplished only because of the beauty of my mind letting go, allowing the miracle of my physical body to do its job! Our life force energy is unstoppable.

It is no different now. Our evolution as a planet happens naturally. There is no thing to do and no thing wrong, even though the ‘current’ now being offered is primarily one of fear. Look around and notice all that you have to be grateful for and hold steady. This foundation of trust that you have built may still be external, or by now you may have accessed your deeper reserves of strength. With Uranus, the planet ruling technology and teamwork, now in Aries, the innovator, the sign loving to be first and joining five other planets here, thing are going to start happening. Jupiter expands all that will be launched here, joining Mercury turning backwards for a time to review our thoughts, “are yours for the collective good or still mired with survival fears?” As each of us confronts and clears old fears; the future being the past healed, all must change. With both the sun and the moon also in Aries this past Wednesday, Black Moon Lilith, it has been an especially challenging week. All of us are being called now to step up and remember WHO we really are….it is always darkest just before sunrise. Breathe in and exhale, all is in Divine order all the time. Aries is in a state of revolution…you are not going crazy!