What does your Body choose?

35. What does your Body choose?

What does your body feel? Your physical body carries extraordinary wisdom. When your mind does not know the best choice in any given moment, your body always will. When you are facing a choice, large or small, pause for a moment. Breathe deeply. And as you consider your options, feel your body. Is your stomach in a knot? Does your heart feel open? Are your muscles hunched and tight? Are you standing tall and free? Your body feels freedom, fear, joy, dread, resonance or discord in a very direct way and this can be very accurate guidance.

What does your body desire? What food or drink does it wish for in thismoment? What would it like to do or experience? Does it want to move? Rest? Breathe? Feel the sun? Sleep? Can you love yourself enough to trust the wisdom of your body and give it what it asks for?

Remember, when you eat or drink anything as a gift to yourself, you are eating and drinking love and balance.

Your body is your greatest asset on earth. Feel it, listen to it, talk with it, breathe with it, let it know it is safe.

Your body is a self-balancing and self-healing entity. When you breathe, trust, allow and choose life, your body will come easily into its natural balance and serve you to the highest degree.