By Brenda Harley

It has already been a big morning and I have only been up a few hours. Time these days, is jam packed with opportunities to expand or retreat backwards, sometimes both! This morning it came disguised in a request to help by lending a carpet from my office and once again I gifted myself with the chance to experience new energy. As we drove down thinking that we would be taking out the under carpet, we realized that the top one might be a better fit for the required purpose, hmmm, already less work. Easily we moved the furniture around and rolled up the carpet which fit nicely on top of all the other stuff piled in, leaving good visibility for the driver. This made us both happy. Waving goodbye, I decided to take the opportunity to vacuum and refresh my space. Slowly and mindfully I moved the furniture, dusted and felt renewed as I enjoyed the simplicity of my lovely space. I felt happy and yet I was actually completing a cleansing process that had been initiated with a water leak that had soaked through the upstairs floor and rained down upon my office. I realized that it had taken a full six months for the final repairs to be completed and that I too had been going through a very intense and personal upgrade though out this same time period. It is finally done and all is well, “I’m BAAACCKK!” and I feel like singing! It has been hard.

All of us have been upgrading our circuitry, as our physical bodies have been going through a type of energy re-wiring, preparing to plug in to a higher voltage, so to speak. Many are still very unsettled; emotions are running high and physically there is a purging as the old energies release their hold. Many now are starting to feel different somehow, freer or if you are more like me, safer. Only yesterday, as I drove on the highway preparing to merge over into the exiting lane, I again experienced the old aggressivity rear its head, as I noticed a ‘hummer’ charging up the inside lane. The old me would have probably jumped back into the middle lane. The newer ‘model’ quickly took in what was happening, understood that I had plenty of space and time and changed lanes with the speeding hummer hot on my heels, so not my issue! He had to slow for me and join the more appropriate flow of traffic exiting. I felt calm and capable, owning that I had done nothing wrong and in no way had to accommodate him. There is so much in this simple energy exchange, so many choices and potentials. Perhaps I saved him a ticket? Who knows or cares. For the first time in my life, I am more consistently with me and it feels good. I am in the driver’s seat.

Life is heating up with six major planets assisting us tap into the Aries energy of spring cleaning, restoring, sorting and de-cluttering as we begin again. With Mercury retro-grade until the 23rd patience will be necessary and we will need to temper our sense of bursting forward while considering the past. The future is the past healed. As we learn how to trust ourselves more and simply be who we are at all times, expressing from here, the world will respond. It is time for the gentler, kinder and more compassionate energies to take their turn at the wheel! Wheeee…we’ve been waiting.