By Brenda Harley

In numerology the number two stands for truth and numbers are continually reduced until arriving at their essence and so eleven is also a two. The year 2011 is thus an eleven two or in terms of its energy signature it stands for illumined truth. Most by now have figured out that something substantial is happening in the world with poles shifting, irregular weather patterns, natural disasters and governments toppling. Every thing is affected. Nothing sits any longer on solid ground and this is causing us to feel tremendous stress. Time itself is speeding up as our level of consciousness expands and more of us become aware that there is more to life than meets the eye. Shirley MacLean, on Oprah, speaking with ease about the ending of the 26,000 year earth cycle that heralds the new beginning is an example of this higher truth moving into the mainstream; 2011 is unfolding just as it must.

The changes under way are massive and we have long been calling and waiting for this time and yet it requires great courage to trust that all is unfolding in perfect order. We are integrating our Divine and human selves and allowing the masculine and feminine aspects within to re-balance, so that we might better express our true hearts desires instead of our fears. All of life is currently going through a re-wiring, as our current rises to more accurately match our higher truth. It is uncomfortable to say the least: physically, emotionally, spiritually and mentally. All of our body of consciousness is experiencing an expansion, as we let go of our reliance on mental processing. There is a tension arising with now so many awakening to these higher principles of life. Where is the proof? Science has long known that problems are not solved on the same level that created them and so moving beyond the mind is the only thing that makes sense and yet the mind is desperately trying to hang onto control and do its best to protect us.

So what is a little human to do? Perhaps surrendering to a higher power within is the only option left, connecting finally to that gentle voice of spirit that resides within us all. The full moon in Libra, in Venus’ air sign should make this choice a little easier, supporting and celebrating the feminine spirit and allowing each one of us to ground more of our higher self into physical form. It is time now and we are that safe space from which true change is born. Mercury moving forward again on the 23rd will open the flow of communication and data/goods that has somehow been stalled. As it enters Aries on May 10th, joining so many other planets in this place of new beginnings, prepare to drive! Suddenly whatever you have been experiencing will all start making sense and you too might start to hear a song, “What’s that buzz; tell me what is happening, what’s that buzz?” Never could I have imagined that song from the musical, Jesus Christ Superstar still resonating so strongly today, but was it really just a musical? HMMM…Easter, re-birth, resurrection….perfect timing!

Brenda offers support for all those going through their Ascension process and moving into a more conscious experience of life. She is an accredited Crimson Circleteacher and a certified Sound Practitioner. Contact or 514) 497-1597.