By Brenda Harley

Easter Monday and I have absolutely no idea what I am doing next! How fabulous is that? Life these days seems to be on a much more even keel, even when it appears to be chaotic; I am still feeling very calm within the storm. It was so clear on this past weekend, spending Easter with family inToronto. Our daughter had been home from school all week and so we had been unable to commit to a timeline. Yet every time I explored the options, they appeared to be fluid and open and that in itself felt good. It was not really until the Friday morning that we committed to showing up and even that felt different. We shared the driving and it all went smoothly, arriving in plenty of time to join the others who were going out to a local pub to enjoy a live band. The energy was amazing with the younger local band giving homage to their musical mentors by inviting each of them up to the stage for a song. Could those old guys ever sing! It was a wonderful outing.

The next day even the sun came out to warm our spirits in a true celebration of spring rebirth. All of the youngsters in the neighbourhood popped out with scooters, bikes, balls and hockey nets. Everyone had a smile on their face enjoying the unexpected gift of warmth. I felt free and happy and it was almost strange to imagine how the year before I had lain on a hot pack with a sore back. This year it was two others in our group experiencing the various physical pains that accompany the integration process. I was merely the witness, though I still encountered fleeting moments with my body attempting to keep me safe with old pains. This time I knew enough to simply breathe into myself more completely and allow the energy to move and rebalance itself and it did so easily and quickly. Yes, finally I am more at home in me, trusting my own body and allowing my integrated body of consciousness to lead the way. All is in divine perfection, with the sacred masculine energies down off that cross and the sacred feminine no longer wounded by his departure; as within, so without. As the Easter story unfolded all around me I felt at ease and whole, rejuvenated.

Now is the time in history that will be looked back on with awe. We are the generation shaping a brand new destiny. It is not over. It will take great courage, commitment and fortitude to allow all of the imbalances built into the fabric of our lives to come into a truer and more reverent relationship with life. Yet it is beginning and the signs are every where. The year 2012 has been called the end of times and it is. We are entering a brand new period of conscious creation. As April comes to a close, those planets transitioning though Pisces, both Mercury as it resumes direct and Venus, have no doubt caused some deep feelings to surface. We may as yet be unable to articulate all that we feel, but are nonetheless preparing for the shift into drive which will be felt on May 10th as Mercury enters Aries. All is indeed well. Feeling as though you have no idea what to do next would be entirely appropriate! Knowing who you are as you manoeuvre your way, will be key.