By Brenda Harley

Nothing makes sense these days. The royal wedding, with all of its pomp and ceremony, is uplifting billions of people as I sit to write, yet I am not a part of it. It was a surprise when my bedroom door burst open at 6am and an excited voice, exclaimed, “Quick Mom, it’s already on!” It was an unexpected delight to be one of the first to see the DRESS and to watch a very composed Kate and William perform their respected parts in the royal pageant. They are both very well suited for the job and by the looks of things thus far, destined to succeed! Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed watching it all, as my daughter ran about excitedly, preparing for school and I am nothing but an optimist when it comes to love, however there is something else going on for me. There is an inner world no longer reacting to the outside.

All of life, as we know it, is undergoing a massive change and to me this attempt at entertaining us somehow, while our lives and our planet continue to shake and transform right under our feet, is just not cutting it. I’m not in the mood to don a lovely hat and pretend that life is a genteel garden party while 90% of the wealth on this planet continues to be controlled by less than 5% of the population. Something is wrong, inherently wrong with the life that we have been taught to believe in. Attaining a certain level of material security is becoming even more difficult for most, not less. The middle class still spends most of it’s time consumed with the demands of maintaining itself, while sheltering, feeding and educating its’ children. Survival issues have merely changed. The developed world continues to take from the less fortunate, recycling our banned pesticides along the way. No, I am not in the mood to party; I seem to be ready to revolt!

The New Moon in the earthy sign of Taurus on May 3rd may have us feeling as though we are raring to go, but where? The direction may still be clouded with fears and doubts. How can we really make a difference? Will it matter? What if it’s too late? Begin again when I really feel too old for the job? There is a lot of uncertainty, with many planets pulling us in opposite directions; a kind of love and war! It may feel as though no headway is being made and then suddenly a new way will open that will make so much sense. Right now it is more about looking for the signs and moving steadily into absolute trust, holding love as our base. Anything less than 100% commitment will no longer serve. As we learn how to nurture each other along the path, we help mother Earth and all of humanity move into a higher expression with higher expectations for all. No one can be left behind. All of life is now responding to this shift in our energetic signatures and so if you feel like a party, go for it and if you prefer a revolution, maybe it’s time. It is all about trusting yourself so radically that nothing else gets in the way and breathing deep into that heart space that knows that all is well in all of creation all the time. The quantum field is by nature benevolent and we are beginning to notice. This of itself will affect positive results!