By Brenda Harley

Funny how life keeps bringing us right back to where we started!  I write this column every Friday and as I typed in today’s date, I noticed that it added up to an 11/11….and those numbers definitely ring a bell! Has anyone noticed that the US is just now ending its on-going relationship with Osama Bin Laden? Hmm and we are back to the numerology of an 11/11, indicating illuminated truth. All of life is teaching us now, as more and more of us wake to our divinity, realizing that we are more than these human beings, having human moments. We must stand up for something, anything really that matters to us. Will it be fear or love that leads us forward?

The energy of late has us swirling, much like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, our house has lifted off with us still in it and no one knows exactly where we will land. It is unsettling, scary for many. Everyone is feeling the unease and uncertainty as more and more darkness leaves the planet. The weather is merely serving us, as the choice has been made on the collective level of consciousness to remain here on our beautiful planet, yet to upgrade our vibrational connection. It is not an easy choice that we have made to ascend while staying put and yet the experience of ease and grace may come into it if you so choose. We are undergoing a re-alignment and the denser energies must be released to allow more light to infiltrate. Our planet achieves this through various weather phenomena, tornadoes, floods, earthquakes, etc. By now, we are starting to get the picture. Our physical bodies respond with their own purging processes, as we align more and more with our own truth. It is a natural process, though not always comfortable.

The new moon in Aries on May3rd brought us fully into the completion of the Piscean age and will add its energy to all potentials in alignment with the earths’ calling for new direction. It is Phoenix rising timing, just as Harry Potter has so beautifully reminded us; an endless cycle of death, birth and regeneration. The dictionary meaning of potential is “yet to be realized greatness” and as each of us gives expression to our true heart’s calling, all of life will benefit. There can be no wrong moves. Remember that the power of a loving heart creates a force field that is ten times the size of the one created by our brain waves! It is time now to get out of the mind that created this life with so many limitations and back into life, where we are always supported and guided through our heart centres. Open and breathe deeply into your divine birthright. It feels so good. The imagination opens the doors to creativity. Remember too that “We are never alone.”