By Brenda Harley

It started last week with the feeling that our house had been picked up and was twirling and swirling with some very strong winds and now it is confirmed….yup I really am in Oz! It hit me this morning as I woke to the realization that Dorothy too had simply been on this journey of awakening. She too was trying to get back home; home to a place where she felt safe and loved. How often did the memories of her Aunty Em surface to hold her safe when danger lurked? And let’s look at what she picked up along the path. Her travelling companions were just what we all eventually find; the courage to keep going, sprinkled with a touch of humour and wisdom with just enough compassion to hold us steady. The heart is never truly lost. The emerald city lies within.

Many are now starting to get that life as they have always known it is gone and this can be a terribly scary thing to feel. Yet there are others who have gone before and are now anchoring in the energies that will support the next wave of awakening humans desiring to get back home to themselves; aware that some where along the path they have abandoned a part of themselves or have separated in some way. Those that have gone before will be the guides. The old energy of blaming another or in fact any outer circumstance for our own unhappiness will no longer function as it once did, creating drama and distractions that kept us from feeling what was real for us. All of life is now supporting the desire to create in truth.

Both Mercury and Venus entered the fiery sign of Aries on May 11th with a noticeable shift in energy. All of those places where you felt ready to move but could not, will now be swinging open. Hopefully you know where you want to go! The “how” is less important than the destination. With the sun entering the earthy and creative realm of Taurus on the 15th, there will be a drive to incorporate Venus’s focus on beauty! Like Dorothy, all we need do is follow our hearts and the way home becomes the way in to our own “I am that I am” and that is most certainly more than enough.