23/05 11

By Brenda Harley

One day after the “rapture”, I am rejoicing, renewed, and rejuvenated! Once again, I was insulated from all of the fearful speculation going around about how the world was ending on the 22nd of May. Luckily for me, I was far too busy living life to give anything more than a passing nod to all of the fearful scenarios being bandied about. I was travelling with my family toCape Cod to celebrate a very special friend, someone who took the courage mid-life to completely change the direction of her life. We were there to honour the many choices that we witnessed and supported along the way; to act as the bridge from the old world to the new one, connecting her past with her future. So as many are still concerned about the end of the world, others are already focused on the world that they are consciously building with every choice they make. The tipping point has been reached and yes, that means that the old is finally giving way to the new in every way imaginable.

I was reminded so many times, through the course of our little mini holiday, how far I have personally come. Many times I felt the invitation to an old energy dance that over dramatizes events. Each time I felt a new and very certain calm, centered invitation to stay with what really mattered in that moment. There was no longer a choice to stay present or not, I simply found myself always and very consistently dead centre in the middle of my own life, doing exactly what I wanted to be doing….hmm….dead center, so perhaps I did die then? Or ascend: lift off to some new heavenly planet? NO, I stayed put, grounded and happy! No longer were there any undisclosed emotions underlying events attempting to hijack my life with a different agenda. I was aligned with me, all of me and it felt good, so good. Every moment felt special, as I witnessed my friends’ day unfold, surrounded by all of the people that chose to make space in their lives for her; to tell her that she matters and they “see her” and honour all of her accomplishments.

As the sun moves through the communicative sign of Gemini, life will be showing us the green light to move forward in the directions that we have been investigating these past few months. The transition time is ending as our new beginnings become more and more apparent. The month of June will provide plenty of opportunities for meetings and resolutions with the new paths opening more and more. As the moon wanes into her final quarter, we are leaving behind the old world and connecting to the new more and more. Waiting for the ‘rapture’, for heaven to suddenly appear or to be rescued and lifted off to some heavenly place, leaving others behind, was never an option. It is us folks, just plain old us, with the power to feel all that we want to create, who are beginning to build the new Earth. “Who is in charge of your life? What do you want and what are you waiting for? Where are you going and why and when will you begin?” These might be some wonderful questions to ponder.

Brenda serves as a New Energy Consultant, assisting those who are awakening consciously to the power of their own choice. She is available in person or through Skype. Contact or 450-458-3079.