By Brenda Harley

It seems that the world can not stop crying these days! Between the rain that will not stop and Oprah leaving, we are being sorely tested to hold our own. Yes, it was her final show and it is leaving a big hole and yes, we are feeling it, but it is much more than this. Our world is under going an evolutionary step at warp speed and we are all reeling still from the many changes that we are experiencing. Our very foundations have been shaken and blown up these past months. No longer is it possible to sit comfortably on the side lines saying that it is not affecting you, as more and more of the bizarre weather, political changes and financial woes continue. All of life is responding to the call. After the Rapture, comes the re-building!

Oprah gave us a tremendous gift with the timing of her final show coming in perfect alignment with the completion phase of the moon. No surprise here, as that woman has long been one of the fore runners of this changing consciousness. She brought so much out of the closet on prime time TV that she changed the very nature of television. Now she is calling on each one of us to do the same; to heed the call to be our best selves and to inspire others to do the same. Her final show was a testament to herself and a love letter to her viewers and fans. She stood resplendent in pink, reminding the audience of all that she gave over the years and telling them clearly that she was no different than any one of us. She followed her own guidance and did what gave her purpose and joy and in doing so, liberated herself and inspired millions to do the same.

The full moon of May, also called Wesak or the Buddha moon, of this past month opened the energetic portals to the magical realms of creation, the sacred masculine energies of love and awakened compassion. How many of us are feeling the desire now to bring it on; to get going somehow? How many of us, like Oprah, are beginning to start in new directions? Or are finding that things are getting a little bit easier, lighter and clearer? As the month of June progresses, with the New Moon on June 1st in the communicative sign of Gemini, we will be feeling the need to keep asking ourselves some guiding questions.

The tide has turned and Oprah has asked us to step fully onto that yellow brick road leading to the path to self worth, for there is no greater flow of abundance than that which rises on the wave of well-being. So to do what gives me life is all that I can offer. It fuels my passion and creativity and this in turn helps me to be a more radiant version of myself. If Oprah has taught me anything at all, it is to just be me, knowing that this is more than enough. Brenda is a New Energy Facilitator, available for appointment by Skype or in person. Contact or 450-458-3079.