By Brenda Harley


Where are we now? Are you feelings a strange kind of emptiness, as though something has left and you are not quite sure what? It may feel like you have lost your “get up and go” energy, as much was swept clean with those wild winds of change recently experienced on June 1st with the new moon in the earthy sign of Taurus. Venus, the planet of beauty and love, is behind the scenes helping to set the monthly theme of creative growth. Having a partial solar eclipse, which repeats again in July, means that this energy is going to remain the driving force for the month. June is simply not going to let up, as all communication comes into alignment with our higher selves. Emotional swings may be anticipated!


It seems to me that I have entered into this land of Oz full time now, as not much makes sense in any kind of an old energy experience. One minute I feel as though I am playing the part of Dorothy and clicking my red heels together, expecting miracles and the next, I am Auntie Em holding everyone that I hold dear safe in my heart space while they live their life experiences. Still other times, I feel more like the wizard. Currently I am growing a tremendously large pimple right under my nose, which has helped me connect to my inner witch! I love the sensation of flying around on my broomstick, cackling in my own imagination, as I do the most mundane of tasks! I am also remembering a time, in my early school years, where I wrote numerous stories based on this character. I seem to know her well.


This new and expanded version of me is all things at all times. I can be the old me and the new me all at once and choose the response that is most favourable in the moment. Sometimes I like to watch as I give myself the opportunity to explore once again what happens when I choose an old reaction and allow it to play out, how quickly the energies can build! In duality consciousness we are only able to see through contrast and so have created our lives around two poles. Integrating now, we are entering more of a grey area, where we can access the white and the black, the light or the darkness. Both serve us well. We are picking up lost pieces of our past, while remaining grounded in the present. It can be an unsettling experience with sensations of vertigo or deep feelings of loss. Life is moving at a phenomenal speed and there is a part of us that is aware while another part is not, yet all is proceeding perfectly. The consciousness of humanity is undergoing a tremendous surge in our level of awareness, and so if you find yourself feeling a little lost, focus far out on the horizon, breathe deeply into your belly and declare firmly to yourself that you are right here for you; Integration 101: the course on becoming a Divine Human is well underway!