By Brenda Harley


Such a strange week it has been, culminating in this moment of choice to step forward or not. It is that simple. We tend to prefer the drama of how we arrived at this point, preferring to spend our time recycling through the past and trying pointlessly to figure things out. Now however, we are starting to understand that the dynamic of how we  arrived here is less important that what we do while here. Only by choosing a different action, can we expect a different outcome and so today, I am choosing differently.


My particular challenge arose right after the huge electrical storm which completely ended the tenuous relationship that I was clinging to with my old computer. Suddenly I was no longer able to connect and am now forced into something brand new and it is only my perspective on the invitation to change that I can affect. Is it good or is it bad? Always our technologies are affected by cosmic changes and the month of June holds one surge after another. As above, so below is becoming more of a living experience.


We are currently experiencing intense solar flares causing interruptions in power, extreme weather conditions and generally have us feeling as though we are walking some type of emotional tightrope. Those who are sensitive may be having physical experiences, likened to electrical circuits being either over loaded or undercharged. Extreme fatigue or energy surges that threaten to over whelm are common symptoms. Taking care of our physical vessels will help enormously by listening to what the body is asking for in the moment; some days eating more and others less, sleeping more for some and less for others, salt baths to support our bodies releasing process and drinking lots of pure water, as well as remembering to take those deep and conscious breaths are all helpful tools. Always trust yourself first, ask for help when needed.


With a full lunar eclipse occurring on the full moon in Sagittarius; the sign of integration, on June 15th, the potential for abrupt endings or sudden departures remains high. This is the second part of the dynamic to the solar eclipse that came at the beginning of June in the sign of Gemini, affecting our thoughts. There is a wonderful opportunity to align with our higher purpose. Any who choose to integrate their personal desires with their soul’s urge to be of service will be receiving some unexpected assistance. Remaining open to our inner guidance will allow things to flow in naturally, while other things continue to dissolve or depart.


So as the emotional roller coaster continues to take us to our personal limits, I have made the choice to go with it, stop resisting and ride the waves yet again, this time with more joy and less rigidity. There are unexpected pleasures to be discovered. I have found this morning to be a perfect example. Waking to the knowledge that I had no computer, I asked to use my partners and as much as he has been advising me that it is probably time to move to a laptop, I now know for myself that it feels good and that I am once again expanding. I am now looking forward to the new possibilities and mobility that this unexpected choice point might bring!

Brenda is a New Energy facilitator who is temporarily off line as she upgrades! Please contact her at 450-458-3079, if you are interested in the summer integration program.