By Brenda Harley


WHO am I now? I keep hearing a song repeating itself in my head, “I can see clearly now, the rain has gone”….see what I wonder! We are in a fertile time, sitting between the full moon lunar eclipse and summer solstice, providing a surge of energetic support to assist us moving forward in our own directions. The eclipse was not only on the full moon, but also positioned on the north node, which made it a powerful time to align our personal calling with the collective. As we begin more and more to awaken to the awareness that we each have an impact on the whole, then our choices all expand to include us, while considering the outer circumstances around us. This is feminine energy at its best! What mother does not know the term, having eyes in the back of the head or this one, “why Mom?” And having the courage to say no, based on that niggly feeling and finding out only afterwards how accurate we were.


As the solstice rings in summer on the 21st, more and more of us are responding to this call to dharma or moving into alignment. It will be experienced differently by us all and yet there will be a common theme that will have us feeling better about ourselves and life in general. It may seem to be easier and easier just to be who we are, no longer having the same need to fit in, as the group dynamic loosens in favour of the individual recognizing their own strengths. We are weaving a brand new tapestry on this new earth and the strength of the fabric will be in the diversity of the individual threads that join together to make the final piece. All of us matter. Every desire has worth, as we offer it up.


As new energy pioneers, those that are going before are creating a type of roadmap for others. These maps are now popping up every where; the constant seeking and not feeling good enough completing its’ final phase through all of us. This is an experience with no need to learn or study. We cannot get this wrong, as the choice has long ago been made to come home to self. It is time to let go of the old identity and play, allowing the creations to keep expanding. We are home, right here, right now on planet earth; right here in the center of our own lives and these beautiful physical bodies of ours. The only thing that was ever missing was us….welcome to the kingdom within…prepare for magical surprises. I can feel the excitement building. Can you?