By Brenda Harley

Wild energies stirred up with the solstice full moon eclipse and most are still sorting through the debris field, while many are starting to feel a new sense of soul confidence emerging. Neither is a static condition, as we are continuously refining and responding to the intense planetary influences of June. It has not been a tranquil month with power outages, strange physical sensations of intense energy or conversely no energy and light bulbs, or anything electrical, all being affected. The re-wire is well underway.

This waning phase of the moon, as we prepare for the new moon on July 1st, is a time for completion. We are breaking down or finishing or letting go in some way or another. The eclipses of the past month have served to show us our foundational cracks and now it is time to reclaim some aspect or place that we have left behind. I feel as though I am waking from a bad dream on some level, one in which fear was the operating principle and now that I know so much about how it operated in my life, I am clear to now begin again. Interestingly enough, our daughter woke yesterday morning telling me about a strange dream that she had where she felt so afraid and yet it all made perfect sense. Yes, it does at the time. However as we look backwards with a new perspective, it seldom does! All of us are responding in our own way.So as this merging between our human and our higher selves continues, we have a unique opportunity to look with fresh eyes into the landscape that we have created and to choose yet again.

It is helpful here to breathe in the imagination and hand over the keys! Our soul voice is a quiet yet determined whisper. It wants us to move in the direction of least resistance, the one that feels most playful. Have you ever watched dolphins swim, as they move with such joy through their movements? This too is our calling. Effort is part of the old energy dynamic. Focus, awareness, choice and compassion are the new energy tools, and no longer are we able to get away with offering to others what we are not giving ourselves. Are you ready? I am.