By Brenda Harley


I hear a familiar tune playing in my head this morning, “it’s a new day, it’s a new dawn… and I feel good, dadada, dadadadada!” No really and not just because I am Canadian and it is Canada Day, but for so many reasons. I feel grateful for what is here in my life now; my body that has managed to hold together through some pretty intense explorations with fear, all of my relationships that just keep on getting better and stronger as I do and even my home, which in my opinion has the best potted gardens ever! Long ago I came to terms with me, my limitations and my strengths and began to enjoy myself more, from realizing that I only like to garden in very limited containers to allowing this process of expression to unfold. Life from that moment on began to feel better, as I stopped fighting my self and began to flow with life in the directions that it was asking of me. I now write, have an office in the town that I love, where I get to support those courageous enough to want more of them selves to come home. I am deeply honoured every single time that I meet a client in this sacred space that I have created. Now I am expanding yet again by saying ‘yes’ to an opportunity that came my way via the internet. All is indeed well in all of creation…all the time!


So as I sat to collect my thoughts this morning before writing, I was once again amazed, yet not surprised, at my own alignment. Today is both a new day and a new moon with a partial solar eclipse in Cancer, joining the sun in this imaginary dreamlike sign. We have the third of three eclipses nudging us to put into action what we have discovered over the past two and packing an extra punch with both the sun and moon in the same sign. The energies have been building all month and many have been feeling this as a type of inner shakiness with a sense of urgency, as critical mass has now been reached upon our magnificent planet.


We are sitting directly between two worlds and being asked which one feels better; the old one with the consciousness of separation or the new world where there is a sense of collaborative community and where each one of us matters and contributes toward the whole. It is happening above and below, within and without and with this eclipse new moon forming a Grand Cross aligned with the Aries point, the beginning degree of the zodiac, it does not take too much imagination to know that what is happening to me personally is also happening on a much larger scale. So being here now in this pivotal moment of time is indeed a gift; the present! It is our birthright to be alive and creative, true right down to the very cells that operate within our physical bodies. We are quickly now charting our way into unknown waters with rich potential and brand new freedoms.

With the fiery dragon’s breath still guarding the gateway to our true SELF, many are feeling afraid. Know too that this is the confirmation that you are almost fully integrated, so choose, breathe into this choice of yours to be fully here now and know that the appropriate assistance is always but a breath away.


Brenda is a New Energy facilitator and can be reached for an appointment at 450)458-3079 or