By Brenda Harley

It has been a tough week; this Cardinal grand cross feels anything but grand! It has many feeling as though they are stuck, jammed into a tiny box with the sides pushing right up against them; not easy is an understatement. With four planets all moving in completely different directions, no wonder we are feeling stuck…the inertia is unbearable with so much ready to burst forth anew. The good news is that the tension is coming to an end with the eclipse energies of June and July. The limitations imposed upon you may suddenly evaporate and with them the restrictions that had you focused more on what you no longer wanted than embracing what you do want to create.

We are between worlds right now and in one moment or the next, the feeling is either old or brand new and either way, anxiety is up. We are feeling the changes that are upon us. In many it is causing wave upon wave of fears to surface for release; for some it is a physical purging and for others there is more of an emotional release needed and still others may feel as though they are under a constant mental attack, where they begin to realize that it is their own thoughts that keep them stuck. The only thing to be done right now is to observe and to ride the waves, knowing that if you have hit a hard spot, this too shall pass.  Each moment is ripe with potential. Life feels more and more like a spiral within a spiral as the old linear time line dissolves or collapses into itself. For me there is a sensation of my past being very present in every opportunity that I am now experiencing. The only power that I have is to choose the old way of being caught in something outside of my control or to change my perspective into one that feels more compassionate and trusting of life. The simple act of breathing has become an awareness practise.

The new astrological charts are all pointing to very new potentials with individual freedoms sharing the way with sweeping changes in society. We are setting a new course and all of history will one day recognize this time as the dawning of a new age. This one will encompass all that has gone before with an awareness that builds on what works for the greater good while also encouraging the individual to blossom. There can be no strength within the whole if the individual parts are not thriving and harmonizing well together. We are coming to an end of an era. No wonder if feels so darn intense! In the meantime, being human with no knowledge of our own divine and eternal SELF can have one feeling afraid and alone. Yet opposing fear lays a trust that cannot be given; it is found deep within when the going gets tough. It is a choice to look within, rather than without; here there is nothing missing and here ….anything is possible. It is one simple choice to be all that we are.