I woke tossing and turning this morning, with all of the old mind games demanding my attention and so instead, I felt into them all and chose to simply breathe with them and welcome them home. Since I remembered earlier dancing the flamenco in my dream state and realizing that the only way to feel better is to make a new choice, I am putting on my skirt and twirling anyway….because I can. Create, experience, choose…..express!

Worries, fears and doubts,

pressing down upon my chest.

The feeling I might drown,

my  mind screaming to address.

“Let me save you, let me help you”

Tortured thinking at it’s best!

My soul so quiet, underneathe it,

breathing silently to rest.

“Come to Momma, come to Momma”

softly singing in my head.

Breathe inside me, deep inside me,

you’ll find here, that you’re not dead.


July 14/11.