By Brenda Harley


OK I am done! Six full weeks of intense eclipse energies and I have encountered every single demon that lay waiting within my sub-conscious mind to find, examine and release. Now in the light of this full moon I get to see all the debris that I stirred up for myself and pick and choose my way forward. This should be easy right? After all it is only a simple choice to be free of all the old worries, fears and doubts that kept me locked into an experience of life. No wonder I woke this morning feeling so disoriented.


It sounds so simple to say, “Choose a new experience for yourself.” The hows of it are another matter. With the full moon in Capricorn, an earth sign, it should be easier now to manifest this choice. It is time to get your hands dirty and use the resolve found deep within to assist this new building take form. With our ego now working more harmoniously with our emotions, it will support those who are ready to gain materially without hurting others. In other words, “all for one and one for all!” is the new motto!


Trusting life and me in it has been a fascinating proposal of late, as more and more of the outer circumstances seem to contradict this very thing. If I have learned anything in these past few years of integrating more and more of my higher self into this reality, it is that only by staying with me in the very moment that is presenting can I feel at ease. This has been the gift for me, that somehow I have been guided to stay more in the present moment and from this feeling of safety, I have discovered more and more of the same. Like a circle radiating out from its centre, I must remain in the centre of me. How can the next moment be anything other than what this moment is? If I am taking care of me here, respecting myself and all those that I am connected to and choosing what makes me feel good, surely than feeling good will be the outcome, no matter what it looks like.


Looking outside of ourselves for the safety and security that most of us are seeking is no longer an option. The Sabian symbol for this full moon is “A soldier receiving two awards for bravery in combat”! Two…did you read that right? Yes, two. It has been an intense time; this journey towards self love and acceptance. Hard is an under statement, as every obstacle in our own path has revealed itself of late. It is now over. What we are consciously choosing to experience in life is already well underway, even though we may still be feeling some sadness over what once was and is now fading. We are in a productive cycle and new energy is available for those who choose to work with it. It can be magical and there are lots of ways that we can see it if we are looking. Let’s just watch and see how all of our roads and bridges here inMontrealrenew themselves, like we are doing! As within, so without…focus, choose, trust and let go.