The following are some useful tools of empowerment:


#1 Saw: this will enable you to more easily CUT THROUGH THE BULLSHIT….it is time for radical truth telling.

It is also useful to SAW THROUGH THE DEBRIS FIELD of your hidden belief systems.


#2 SCREWS:  If you are courageous enough this will be your opportunity to GIVE THE SCREWS to all that no longer serves you.


#3 HAMMER: Remember it will take some time and determination. You did not get here overnight. So HAMMER AWAY away…. it WILL take time and practise.


#4 MEASURING TAPE: A journal is a useful tool to keep track of your progress because some days you will feel as though you are not making any and others as though you are moving backwards! All of this will be true and yet with careful observation and measurement, you will be able to see subtle differences, as the new YOU EMERGES FROM THE COCOON. This will only grow as you do and so will be much more fun to measure as you move along your path.


Brenda Harley