By Brenda Harley

I am so surprised that I felt moved to write today with the paper that publishes my column on holiday for two weeks, but here you have it. I just heard the startling news that Oslo, the birth place of the Nobel Peace Prize has just experienced a bombing and once again I am invited into a state of hopeless powerlessness, or I can take my place and hold balance as all of earth moves through her re-balancing process. Right after the chaos, comes the re-ordering; it is only energy after all. So how can I be of assistance in these turbulent times? Well, as always, it is about me connecting into the heart of me to see what lives here and to radiate this outwards into life; to BE the peace when it appears to be missing.

We are having a heart wave here in Montreal and so many are suffering, yet I am not. I am blessed to have a choice. As I felt my desire for an afternoon coffee building and sat down to enjoy it with a freshly made date square from our local farmers market, the simple joy just hit me like a wave. I felt so much gratitude for my life with me in the centre of it that it almost knocked me over; the joy of my air conditioner humming away keeping our home at an even 77 degrees while all of the outside world swelters, our amazing espresso machine that keeps on churning out the most delicious coffee for whom ever drops by and most of all, this loving family of which I am so blessed to be a part. I have created all of this, every choice that I have made along the way brought me right here into the heart of me.

We had such a scare this past week with our beloved cat, Archie, showing signs of extreme distress. There was a point in time when the prospect of putting him down reared its’ ugly head. It took but a moment to hear the choice of love over fear, trust over finances, all of which we did together as a family. At no point did we turn on each other, even though it has been an ordeal and a stress on many levels. Again and again we have come here as a family and so what initially looked like a potential tragedy was in fact a heart opening, as we came together in a loving and supportive manner to do what had to be done. Finances quite simply have never ruled our hearts.

And so as I witness once again the patient calmness offered life in the moment of attempting to pill what is now more like a wild animal than our sweet tempered cat, by our son, Daniel, watching as he deals with what he wishes for and the reality of what we are actually dealing with and makes the mature choice to drive up one more time to our vet for assistance, I marvel. This is it, this is the solution to all that is imbalanced in life; this is what I can offer the people ofNorway, I can offer my peaceful family as a counter balance. Yes, I can and I Am.