By Brenda Harley


Do you ever feel brand new when you arrive home after a holiday? It is a feeling of having been somewhere so very different that you lost all your old bearings and as the points of reference fade, so does your old identity. You can be anyone you want now. With the Lion’s Gate portal of July 26th opening to a new planetary year, it is as though a doorway has opened into the unknown and all of us are manoeuvring around in our own way getting used to things in this new reality. Some will still be releasing ties to the old, while others are becoming confident that this new feeling will hold, as they begin to create from their desires, rather that their fears. It really doesn’t matter, as all of planet Earth has made the shift. This time no one will be left behind!


The end of the world scenario is soon to fade, as more and more become consciously aware of themselves in an expanded state. As I know myself more, I can know and respect you. This is the only teaching that resonates now, as we begin building anew. Aligning more with our authentic natures brings us into a truer resonance with all of life. In nature you will never find a worried plant or animal; less than ideal circumstances perhaps for them to thrive, but no time wasted in the mental realms as they adjust or die off. We too are this simple as energy beings. It is only the over reliance on our minds that have us running in circles, not trusting ourselves. As we enter our physical spaces more fully this trust within will be the only guidance needed.


We are at the point of intersection where our divine and human selves can finally start to work together; no more separation. Old aspects from our past are no longer able to haunt us and steal our power. We will find the sacred energies of the feminine receiving now with more grace, creating and birthing with the full support of the masculine energies contained within us all. Fear lives in the past, anxiety and worries in the future and here in the present moment lays the full potential of life. With a birthday behind me on the 29th and sun in Leo nudging me to be all that I am and  accept fully my creative powers, the full moon in Aquarius on August the 13th will only highlight how I support others being all that they are. I have made my choice and am boldly stepping forward! Are you?


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