By Brenda Harley


Life is changing, this is a no brainer. We all feel it. There is an underlying anger; a dissatisfaction with life, which many are now starting to act upon. It is as though we have been left short somehow, the bill of goods that we signed up for has left many of us short changed. The deal was that if you sold your heart to the highest bidder, worked hard and lived by the rules, you would receive the rewards of a good life, a comfortable living. However for many who have followed this sage advice, they discovered actually that there was never quite enough for them to break free of a struggling reality; one with just barely enough to make ends meet, never enough for the joys and freedoms that others seem to be enjoying. “So what am I doing wrong?” has become the anthem for many in the post baby boomer phase of life.


The year 2012 is a marker year in that it has foretold the end of times. As we draw closer to it and realize all that has changed and continues to shift, we can more easily begin to sense that it does indeed mark the end of something. There is a finality to all that is showing up now; our finances and resources, our flawed spending habits allowing a way of life that is far removed from its’ center. We can no longer sustain a life style that is fully engaged in material acquisition with no thought to the future…the running out time is here! So what now that I have brought you into this pit of despair; the one that you feel but will not allow this feeling of impending dread to fully have your attention, what now?


It takes a courageous human being to open to the call of their own hearts when this call is protected by so many layers of past experience, so many moments of disappointment and frustration. So this is what many are now feeling, as these feelings rise up to the surface of our consciousness to be released so that we may begin anew. How many times do we have to connect dead center into our own abyss to feel what is missing in our lives? How many times? Until we find the courage to walk forward from this point of truth. As Gandhi taught, we must be the change that we desire in the world. We must become so present within our selves that we can be there for others, non-reactive, listening, receiving and supporting. No one can know for another what best serves them. This is the time that we have all been waiting for; to be WHO we are, trusting that this gift of ourselves is what life is asking us to give. As this new Age of Aquarius opens before us, can you allow the light of this full moon in Aquarius, the sign of brotherhood, to show you the way to shine your light upon this world? Can you? Life is waiting for YOU. It is time to shine and share all that you are.

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