By Brenda Harley


There was much sadness and grief released this past week with the news that the leader of the NDP, Jack Layton, had died. It triggered so many conflicted feelings of success always eluding us; that perpetual carrot being always held out in front of the horse. SEE what happens when you dare to get what you want! So do I really want to give up this old energy pattern of struggle if my success means that I leave my beloved planet; my family? It was a wave of mixed emotions all week, intensified because Jack was a home boy fromHudson. We all felt it here, probably more than most.


Reading over the planetary energy blogs of the week, I was drawn to one of my favourite authors, Lee Harris, who had written that the energies of August were going to be intense; that it would feel like rising pressure as the karmic waves crashed upon our shores. Well indeed it has and for many sensitives, it may have felt as though someone they loved had just passed. I did not know the leader of the opposition party personally; I did not, like many here, go to school with him, nor was I even affiliated with his party, even though I had joined the ground swell of our recent spring election that made a strong and united call for change. Mr. Layton was the spearhead of a huge transformational Canadian wave that spread from the west coast to the east in a sweeping and unexpected tide. He stood for values that many Canadians held dear and in the process of his electoral campaign, many came to love and respect him; the man behind the platform and now he is gone. So what now? We Canadians can be a passive lot.


This one experience represents what so many are going through now, as these outer ‘saviours’ leave and make room for those who are walking the path of integration. Though we may be inspired by someone, we take full responsibility for our own creations, expecting no one to do the work for us. It is a daunting task, having been raised with an endemic need to give our power away and then be able to blame those who have let us down. Now we are being asked to pick up the torch left behind and to become what Jack Layton stood for; to care so deeply about a cause that it motivates us to stand up and offer ourselves in service to it. This is the humanitarian movement that will shift out planet into a loving force field of cohesive action.


The new moon, in the grounded sign of Virgo on the 29th of August, will allow each of us to decide what exactly this means to us. Right now it is enough to feel all that is departing and to not be overcome by the sensation of loss or grief that is being experienced by the entire collective. Just remembering to breathe into a sense of peace that permeates all and to surrender into this state of trust, as the world around continues to shake, rattle and role is our part; holding steady in the darkness and not being consumed by it. There is a re-balancing going on and as we focus on our hearts’ desires for a more peaceful and life sustaining planet, we are living the legacy that Jack Layton asks of us; to hold the intention for a bright universal future.

With thanks to an inspiring Canadian leader, Jack Layton and to a fellow blogger and inspirational teacher, Lee Harris.


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