By Brenda Harley


So how are you surviving these “planetary upgrades”? This last one had us feeling things we all had thought were behind us or expressing things long held back. Many had back issues as a result of this negative energy pattern of suppression surfacing to be released. August with it’s constant eruption of solar flares, ending with a whirlwind of torrential rain and wind; literally threw us a hurricane as the final piece of the puzzle that had the energies moving fiercely. These earth catalysts respond to the changing consciousness of humanity and allow the release of negativity, though at times it seems hard to see how. Yet have you ever noticed how people come together to help each other in extreme conditions? Now imagine if this were the norm and you can begin to see how we are being nudged, maybe even pushed, to be more of ourselves, our heart centered aware selves.


Old energy is fear based; false evidence appearing real. It is always from the past or future, never the present. As more and more of us respond to these planetary movements, we find that authentic voice that is more loving and is uniquely ours. We stop wanting and wishing for what is missing in our lives and become what we want to create. As Gandhi said, we must be the change. If peace is your heart felt desire then you must allow yourself the opportunity to explore a sense of peace within you and then allow it to extend outwards. This is a natural process, no force is needed. The feminine principles of life respond to our calling. The gentleness which is required now is the counter to all the aggression expressed out from an imbalanced male model of authority, which always counters aggression with more of the same, exacerbating the very situation they are trying to solve.


“Rise up, rise up….the temperature is rising,” as the song goes. As each one of us accepts responsibility for our own happiness and begins to create a joyful life, all of life rises up too. We are an interconnected field of mass consciousness and so one person choosing to believe that anything is possible and daring to make a choice to change for the better affects the whole. Now more than ever we are all hearing the call and are turning inwards to find the path; the path of feminine wisdom, found inside when we slow down enough to feel our own imbalances and make the choice to become responsible for how we are feeling. This is how we are building the New Earth, one step at a time, taken by one conscious and aware human. I like the quote from this morning’s Montreal Gazette, shared with me by a courageous friend of mine who is choosing to become all that she is and so she easily recognized the wisdom of Plato. I think it sums things up perfectly. “We can easily forgive a child who is afraid of the dark; the real tragedy of life is when men are afraid of the light”.  The lights are on! Are you looking at yourself or still looking to be rescued or blame others?

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