By Brenda Harley

“I have a dream,” the famous speech delivered by Martin Luther King and the lyrics to Over the Rainbow are vying for my attention in my head this morning. I wonder if they are not the same message after all. I too hold a dream, one where I am received by the outer world, as I share the best of what I have to offer. I am a natural nurturer and in this culture, the only true way to express this is to be a mother and I am and I am a great one. When the schools tried to enforce rules upon each one of my curious kids and I witnessed their desire to learn diminishing, I did my best to explain why this was the only option. I worked within a system that had lost its’ ability to excite and encourage many of its clients. My firstborn is now 22 and the third 14. Each one of the three had completely different experiences in school. Each one is an on-going experiment in life. There is no hard evidence to support the idea that one system can ever serve all the needs of the various individuals that it serves. I blame no one, but I am tired.

I am tired of a life that values the contributions of only half its inhabitants. I am tired of being the only one valuing me; the gentle encouraging voice of support. Yet, this is my job. I have a dream that it is enough and that I am well paid for doing it. I have a dream that each one of us holds a valuable contribution to the whole and that as we learn how to value ourselves; we begin to accept all who contribute in their various ways. We stop competing for a limited number of jobs and resources and start to believe that there is more than enough to go around and operate from this new and higher principle governing life. I have a dream and it is mine and in it, we all matter. Each one holds a thread that combines towards the magnificence of a creation built together. I hold this dream and it is my primary job. In this dream money comes in proportion to your contribution.

A few days ago our eldest called home after another travel experience that he had given himself. This one was very unique. As he described it, I heard all the key words; shared resources, freedom, trust and respect that each one there had the right to their own experience. The teacher in me heard his wonder that life could work in such a model, yet work it did, for 5 days and nights, a community of over 50, 000 people came together, built and dismantled an entire town which existed harmoniously with the land around and then disappeared with no footprint let behind. He was in this state of awe when he called, one that I share without having ever had this experience myself. Perhaps we are all doing a great job of assisting life moving forward, even when we do not understand fully.

The new moon in Virgo at the end of August shifted us all onto higher ground, as we move steadily towards the equinox. The Pisces full moon on September the 12th, 20 degrees Virgo, will enable even more of us to feel the desire to bring cooperation into our efforts to reach new potentials. Remembering our origins and purpose will ensure that our contribution is a good match for our gifts, as the shift into new balance and equilibrium continues to unfold. You matter. Never forget this, no matter how dark and difficult it might seem. There is purpose to all of our life experiences and truth to the lyrics,” Somewhere over the rainbow, bluebirds fly and the dreams that you dare to dream really do come true.” 911 changed our world and it is not being re-built the same.

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