By Brenda Harley


The earth shook yesterday, in many places; New Zealand, Japan, Cuba and here on the west coast of Canada, as part of  the planetary and astrological energies coming into alignment with the equinox. The full moon at the beginning of the week has allowed even more to reveal itself and moved many of us forward in ways that may have been unpredictable. Suddenly it all seems to be opening and moving again after a long period in stuck mode! Bodies have been feeling it and emotions’ running high, as life continues to move at warp speed. Can you believe that it is fall already? Didn’t our summer only just begin?


It is the ending of a 26,000 year cycle and the beginning of a brand new era; the dawning of the “Age of Aquarius” for real folks. We have a new connection to our own inner guidance and it speaks through our heart centers; it speaks gently and quietly, yet with persistence. “Really”, it says, “Because it always was so, must it continue in the same pattern?” More and more of us are saying, “No thanks.” Life can be so much more. I can make a stand for values that matter and let go of fear and control, surrender to trust and allow my own imagination to build a life of my dreams, knowing that all is lining up with my choice to be all that I am, even as the chaos moves through to clear things up.


There are tools available to assist, as we move steadily into a phase of new and very conscious expression. As is often the case, the last thing that you throw into your suitcase is usually the most useful! So have some fun and remember to breathe fully into this magnificent body of yours.


#1 Saw: this will enable you to more easily CUT THROUGH THE BULL, it is time for radical truth telling, also useful to SAW THROUGH THE DEBRIS FIELD of your hidden belief systems.


#2 SCREWS:  if you are courageous enough this will be your opportunity to GIVE THE SCREWS to all that no longer serves you.


#3 HAMMER: remember it will take some time and determination. You did not get here overnight. So HAMMER AWAY away…. it WILL take time and practise.


#4 MEASURING TAPE: a journal is a useful tool to keep track of your progress because some days you will feel as though you are not making any! Yet with careful observation and measurement, you will be able to see subtle differences, as the new YOU EMERGES FROM THE COCOON.


#5 DUCT TAPE: for SEALING any energy leaks along the way.

#6 WD40: for keeping stuck energy FLOWING freely.


#7 Balance: to assist us remembering WHO we are and why we are here by showing us when we move away from center, as we make our way steadily forward towards level ground.


#8 Sense of Humour: a SMILE is easily packed, highly personal and always available to uplift in the direst of circumstances.


It is a tall order and for those who are ready, they may find this tool box helpful. If you need more specific guidance, please do not hesitate to ask and remember to BREATHE fully into this magnificent body of yours.

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