Energy Posting


By Brenda Harley


I love waking each morning wondering how spirit and I are going to commune with each other today! Always for me the voice of spirit speaks through my life experiences. I am part of the first wave, as are many of you, to wake to the divine guidance within that comes with no outer voice to hear, no guides to see, only an invitation to quiet that enables me to listen and observe myself in action. My call to awaken came from deep within and demanded my full attention. Lately it has become much gentler or am I becoming less resistant? It doesn’t matter anyway, all I know for sure is that on a day when many are waking to the news of another financial meltdown and are no doubt feeling traumatized I am not. I am feeling at home, here in this body of mine, at home, trusting that as always, all of life supports me, especially so when I cannot see or understand how. By now, I have learned how to let go and trust. In a free fall there is really no other choice.


So today I woke and realized that I was feeling calm and centered, even as the markets tumble. Life goes on. Today there is no school and our daughter, who has been saving for something special, announced last night that today was the day and I am blessed to be able to be here to support her. Does it mean that I am in agreement with her? Not exactly as it still makes my skin crawl! I like many mothers and daughters do not always agree and yet somehow we manage to find a way to respect each others feelings and points of view. I think this is what life is really about and today I am up for the task; another way in which this beautiful gift of a daughter asks me to grow and stretch. It strikes me as no surprise that today is the equinox, the day when the sun moves into Libra; day and night is of equal proportions and a day in which I will get to practise a new state of balance, where I am invited to stay in my heart centre and out of my judgemental mind.


In this ninth wave of the Mayan calendar, begun in March and ending in fruition in October, as we prepare for the Cosmic Rose Stargate of 11/11/11, our levels of consciousness are expanding beyond the old paradigms. We do this naturally by simply being who we are in our own lives and becoming more at ease within ourselves. We are the bridges between heaven and earth and with every conscious breath that we take, connecting powerfully through our feet into the earth beneath and upwards into the cosmos, staying connected through our heart centers; we become all that we are, powerful conscious collaborators imagining (image-in) the New Earth into form. “We are the ones” the Hopi prophesized, “that we have been waiting for.”