By Brenda Harley

Have you felt the new current of excitement bubbling up underneath all that is happening in your life of late? Since the new moon in Libra of September the 27th, much seems to be now opening. Many are experiencing themselves in a new and more powerful way. For some, the drama is dissipating and for others they are only beginning to ‘see’ for the very first time what they have helped to create and are stepping up to reclaim their lost powers.

We are in the most amazingly powerful times that this planet has ever seen. As the old world continues to fall away and the chaos energy moves through, affecting everything from our weather patterns to our governments and financial structures, all is evolving now at a speed which is causing many to feel very uncomfortable. The phase of awakening, which many are now experiencing, as we move from unconscious into conscious creation, is to witness much of the unpleasant or down right ugly stuff in our lives; our own families, before we can move on to our outer creations. It starts right here, in our own center and expands outwards; a far cry from what most of us were taught, which was to focus out on what we wanted, giving only the barest attention to what really matters. In an on-going effort to stop violence by going to war, we have been feeding an abusive cycle with no end in sight. Is it any wonder that the tools that we have been given have failed miserably? We simply have no training or awareness of how the creative process of life works.

All this is changing now. More and more of us have discovered deep within, a wisdom that has long been held hostage to an outer model of authority. We have unfailingly been walking a path towards our calm centers and have found the stillness within which defies all logic. It is only as we hold the new vibration of love so firmly in our fields that we can affect the vibration of our planet; one affects the whole.

So as each one of us discovers the prison of our own belief systems, challenges ourselves and removes the handcuffs which keep us caught in repetitive cycles, we make it easier for all who follow. This is my calling and I am feeling freer than ever before. Even as our cat chased a chipmunk into our house earlier this week, I found a state of wonder! Much to my surprise and delight, I was able to watch it all unfold, without drama or fear, discovering that when you hold the highest and best outcome for all concerned, it really can come true! Yes, anything is possible in this new energy and I am so happy to be home, right here inside of me. Welcome to this New Earth!