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The Buzz of New Creation



By Brenda Harley


Are you feeling the buzz? The higher frequencies are here, assisting all of us, whether we are aware or not. Physically you may be experiencing a constant humming in the ears or a sensation of vibrations moving throughout the body. Emotionally many are in the middle of much loss, as the old starts to fade away. For many there has been a disruption in their physical system that is forcing a retreat from life; a slowing down, allowing the alignment to proceed. There is no need for concern, as all is proceeding perfectly for each one of us. For those who are on the journey of remembering more and more of their multi-dimensional selves, the journey of late has been intense to say the least; an extreme test of faith, as our karmic past dissolves into the present. There is a moment of reunion where our future selves and our past ghosts are integrating to allow a choice from our higher selves to be expressed. No one will be left behind. This time around, all of earth will be ascending as one, to our true vibratory state. So what does this mean for most of us?


The new moon in Scorpio on the 26th signalled a potent opportunity to plant something brand new, in this pivotal seeding time between now and the gateway of the 11:11:11. Yesterday, in NYC, there was an unprecedented gathering of Mayan Elders who have come out of their relative seclusion to criss-cross the United States, travelling with the ‘13 crystal skulls’ and holding sacred ceremonies along the way. The journey ends in Los Angeles on November the 11th with a final ceremony, due to be broadcast live in the Great Pyramid on the solstice, December the 21st of 2012. Now I don’t mind one way or the other if you believe or not, as there is nothing to sell here. You are either aware of the Mayan prophesy and of the 9th wave ending or you probably are feeling some fears or trepidation with all of the hoopla about 2012 and the end of the world! Me, I prefer believing that we are on the brink of a new beginning, one never before experienced on planet earth and I am happy to forgive myself for not remembering all the details from the last time around, which was after all, some 26, 000 years ago. So lighten up, enjoy the ride, be kind to each other and remember that all of life is on our side! Yes, indeed, we are the ones that we have all been waiting for and as usual, our children are always leading the way. So me and mine are curling up today and enjoying this momentary respite with lots of hot tea and honey. The sore throats will resolve themselves in due coarse; after all there are costumes to create….and worlds too!


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By Brenda Harley


Powerful winds and torrential rains of the last week have brought relief for many in these past few days. Most of us, who are in any way aware of the shifting energies on our planet, have been feeling pent up energies of late; of holding or of being stuck. The recent clearing could now see many finding the gates opening again and none too soon I would say. The question to ask, as we prepare to plant the energetic seeds of a Scorpio New Moon on the 26th is, “ are you planting something new or something old?” Are you still trying to get somewhere new employing old tactics or are you really on a new path of surrender and higher flow, trusting that all of life will guide and support you? Now is not the time to wimp out on your dreams. With Jupiter in the mix, it is a potent opportunity to change direction and go for the gold!


The recent visit of my mother provided me the perfect opportunity to witness some hidden beliefs that have been in operation in my family for generations. Over and over again, I heard my Mom exclaim that “it is simply too good to be true!” I was able to understand all of us more and to see her struggling with the wounded feminine energy of receiving. All of the wonderful things that appear to be coming together so effortlessly in her life right now, have her feeling a little afraid, because she is not sure if she can trust life completely. Life has handed her, like all of us, some tough knocks.

This is the time to surrender completely; to let go of all the old games of power and control and to open to a new flow of life force energy, as our bodies and minds come into a higher alignment with the creative life force of all that is. Me, I am just too tired to resist anymore and I can’t really remember what all the fuss was about anyway.


I can no longer a time when I was not connected to my higher self and it is becoming quite humorous these days. Just yesterday, as I was sitting in the dental hygienist chair and feeling the tight resistance being held in my jaw, instead of berating myself about my inability to relax there, I chose to breathe right into the tension with so much compassion for me, for all the times that in this position my jaw remembers pain. My body has its own memories, stored in various trauma points and no amount of mental talk is going to fix this past story. It happened and my jaw is afraid of the dentist, I’m not, but it is! This new understanding and choice to be compassionate with myself completely changed the outcome of my visit. For the first time ever, I was able to release into the tension and not have it control me the entire time. I was actually able to enjoy the sense of support, as this young woman dug around in my mouth and did her thing. In fact, at one point, as an Olivia Newton John song played on the radio, I had a hard time not bursting out into laughter, as I caught the cosmic joke. You see it had only been the previous night that my daughter was preparing her 80s outfit and as she pranced around showing it off, I commented that she was looking just like Olivia in the musical, Grease. Now when is the last time that you have heard a song from Grease played on your local radio station? The song was clearly for me; yes, life is really on our side and it is time to lighten up!

Conscious Collaboration



By Brenda Harley


The fiery full moon in Aries of the past week has finally released the pent up energy that most everyone has been feeling. The light has revealed even more of the ugliness of a world severely out of balance. More and more we are recognizing a crisis of endemic proportions, as our governments and the world of finance continue to reveal who they are truly serving. The concerns of the many have long been forgotten by the systems supposedly serving them. The ever expanding Wall Street protests are not going to fade away.


Those born since 1987, the date of a planetary configuration known as the Harmonic Convergence, are now beginning to come of age. Our children are the new world and you can see them standing up and speaking up where ever you look, no longer accepting an outer authority or a world controlled by finance and corporate greed. All of us, who are parents, know first hand that this generation of new kids does not respond to punishment or threats. They operate from a higher plane of collaboration, where trust and respect must be earned. They must be engaged, inspired and encouraged to take part because it matters to them somehow and in the end, if it matters not to you, it matters not at all. The wave of unity consciousness sweeping the globe is asking all of us to expand our perspective; to be aware of the one, while acting on behalf of the whole. Remembering that all of life is on our side and choosing to spend time imagining the life that you know is possible is a powerful tool. Evolution is never moving backwards. As we choose to stay centered, trusting, even when it feels scary, we are aligning with the creative forces of life. It is only with hindsight that we will be able to look back and see the quantum step, through which we have all been fortunate enough to live. Yes, the times they are a changing.


I had a lovely opportunity to experience the new conscious collaboration directly with my 14 year old the other day, as I peeked into her bedroom and saw the “piles” of clothes; I reverted back to an old authoritarian style of parenting and made a comment which was quickly returned. Somewhat miffed, yet not at all surprised, as she is number three, I was laughing to myself as I made my way to the bedroom, wondering what I might find to entice her to put her clothes away tomorrow. The next day, I was handed the perfect opportunity as we headed off in the car together. “Jill”, I opened with, “I have to apologize for my tone the other night. I realized as I was dropping off to sleep, that the reason why I was annoyed was that really I am worried.” This piqued her interest, “why?” she asked. “It’s about your clothes being all mixed up, dirty, clean and I am not sure how long it has been since your last wash day”. “So” she replied, endearingly! “Well,” said I in my best teaching voice, “clothes have an assortment of body oils and such….” As my voice trailed off, she was raising her hand in disgust and as soon as we arrived home, she was off upstairs. It was not long before her dirty laundry had been dropped off and her room restored to order. “Victory” thought her Mom!

Building Anew…



By Brenda Harley


The huge wave of sadness, grief, frustration and anger that is currently passing through our fields is especially intense right now. There is a deep re-balancing going on and so however you are experiencing this purging or releasing energy is appropriate for you. All healing must first take care of the underlying infection and allow proper drainage. The earth and all of us have held the toxins of a mismanaged and disrespectful way of life for far too long. All is in perfect order even as the chaos seems to disrupt everything, from the erratic weather and crumbling infrastructure to the Wall Street protests and the departure of Steve Jobs having completed his earthly ‘job’, everything is reflecting the undercurrent of what is going on deep within…as within, so without. It doesn’t matter which way you look at it any longer, if you are here, you are feeling it and the only thing over which any of us have any control is to bring awareness into all of our reactions. WE are living the most dramatic changes that our planet earth has ever seen and all at warp speed! Breathe deeply.


Most of us right now are undergoing yet another purging, as the denser energies accumulated over lifetimes of experience release through our physical bodies. I have never coughed or gone through quite so many boxes of Kleenex as I have in the last two weeks, yet with absolutely no “sick” feeling! There is a fatigue sensation which matches perfectly with the knowing that this earthly experience has left most of us missing something, a sense of joy and expansion; a knowing that anything is indeed possible. We have been trapped for the most part in repetitive cycles of limited experience and it is now coming to an end. Halleluiah!


I am feeling a growing excitement deep within, coupled with a renewed sense of hope that in my lifetime I will get to witness the birth of a new consciousness. It is happening right now. There is an unstoppable movement of humanity wanting more and it is not about the stuff; it is a deeper expression of wanting a more sustainable life and wanting to connect to life in a more meaningful way. All is moving swiftly now into a higher alignment, as all of life wakes to the memory of its quantumness. It is between the molecules that the communication becomes magical and still unexplained. The very mystery of life is beginning to reveal itself. There is magic in the air. Can you feel it? I sense a letting go of resistance, as I enter a more flexible flow. If all of life supports my expansion and I AM, then what is happening must also be part of this magical expansion? So as my mind continues to love the struggle, I realize more and more that all that I can do is let go even more, laugh and trust more than ever before and some how allow myself to enjoy the ride. Some days I do and others not so much, but hey progress, Rome was not built in a day!