By Brenda Harley


The huge wave of sadness, grief, frustration and anger that is currently passing through our fields is especially intense right now. There is a deep re-balancing going on and so however you are experiencing this purging or releasing energy is appropriate for you. All healing must first take care of the underlying infection and allow proper drainage. The earth and all of us have held the toxins of a mismanaged and disrespectful way of life for far too long. All is in perfect order even as the chaos seems to disrupt everything, from the erratic weather and crumbling infrastructure to the Wall Street protests and the departure of Steve Jobs having completed his earthly ‘job’, everything is reflecting the undercurrent of what is going on deep within…as within, so without. It doesn’t matter which way you look at it any longer, if you are here, you are feeling it and the only thing over which any of us have any control is to bring awareness into all of our reactions. WE are living the most dramatic changes that our planet earth has ever seen and all at warp speed! Breathe deeply.


Most of us right now are undergoing yet another purging, as the denser energies accumulated over lifetimes of experience release through our physical bodies. I have never coughed or gone through quite so many boxes of Kleenex as I have in the last two weeks, yet with absolutely no “sick” feeling! There is a fatigue sensation which matches perfectly with the knowing that this earthly experience has left most of us missing something, a sense of joy and expansion; a knowing that anything is indeed possible. We have been trapped for the most part in repetitive cycles of limited experience and it is now coming to an end. Halleluiah!


I am feeling a growing excitement deep within, coupled with a renewed sense of hope that in my lifetime I will get to witness the birth of a new consciousness. It is happening right now. There is an unstoppable movement of humanity wanting more and it is not about the stuff; it is a deeper expression of wanting a more sustainable life and wanting to connect to life in a more meaningful way. All is moving swiftly now into a higher alignment, as all of life wakes to the memory of its quantumness. It is between the molecules that the communication becomes magical and still unexplained. The very mystery of life is beginning to reveal itself. There is magic in the air. Can you feel it? I sense a letting go of resistance, as I enter a more flexible flow. If all of life supports my expansion and I AM, then what is happening must also be part of this magical expansion? So as my mind continues to love the struggle, I realize more and more that all that I can do is let go even more, laugh and trust more than ever before and some how allow myself to enjoy the ride. Some days I do and others not so much, but hey progress, Rome was not built in a day!