By Brenda Harley


The fiery full moon in Aries of the past week has finally released the pent up energy that most everyone has been feeling. The light has revealed even more of the ugliness of a world severely out of balance. More and more we are recognizing a crisis of endemic proportions, as our governments and the world of finance continue to reveal who they are truly serving. The concerns of the many have long been forgotten by the systems supposedly serving them. The ever expanding Wall Street protests are not going to fade away.


Those born since 1987, the date of a planetary configuration known as the Harmonic Convergence, are now beginning to come of age. Our children are the new world and you can see them standing up and speaking up where ever you look, no longer accepting an outer authority or a world controlled by finance and corporate greed. All of us, who are parents, know first hand that this generation of new kids does not respond to punishment or threats. They operate from a higher plane of collaboration, where trust and respect must be earned. They must be engaged, inspired and encouraged to take part because it matters to them somehow and in the end, if it matters not to you, it matters not at all. The wave of unity consciousness sweeping the globe is asking all of us to expand our perspective; to be aware of the one, while acting on behalf of the whole. Remembering that all of life is on our side and choosing to spend time imagining the life that you know is possible is a powerful tool. Evolution is never moving backwards. As we choose to stay centered, trusting, even when it feels scary, we are aligning with the creative forces of life. It is only with hindsight that we will be able to look back and see the quantum step, through which we have all been fortunate enough to live. Yes, the times they are a changing.


I had a lovely opportunity to experience the new conscious collaboration directly with my 14 year old the other day, as I peeked into her bedroom and saw the “piles” of clothes; I reverted back to an old authoritarian style of parenting and made a comment which was quickly returned. Somewhat miffed, yet not at all surprised, as she is number three, I was laughing to myself as I made my way to the bedroom, wondering what I might find to entice her to put her clothes away tomorrow. The next day, I was handed the perfect opportunity as we headed off in the car together. “Jill”, I opened with, “I have to apologize for my tone the other night. I realized as I was dropping off to sleep, that the reason why I was annoyed was that really I am worried.” This piqued her interest, “why?” she asked. “It’s about your clothes being all mixed up, dirty, clean and I am not sure how long it has been since your last wash day”. “So” she replied, endearingly! “Well,” said I in my best teaching voice, “clothes have an assortment of body oils and such….” As my voice trailed off, she was raising her hand in disgust and as soon as we arrived home, she was off upstairs. It was not long before her dirty laundry had been dropped off and her room restored to order. “Victory” thought her Mom!