By Brenda Harley


Powerful winds and torrential rains of the last week have brought relief for many in these past few days. Most of us, who are in any way aware of the shifting energies on our planet, have been feeling pent up energies of late; of holding or of being stuck. The recent clearing could now see many finding the gates opening again and none too soon I would say. The question to ask, as we prepare to plant the energetic seeds of a Scorpio New Moon on the 26th is, “ are you planting something new or something old?” Are you still trying to get somewhere new employing old tactics or are you really on a new path of surrender and higher flow, trusting that all of life will guide and support you? Now is not the time to wimp out on your dreams. With Jupiter in the mix, it is a potent opportunity to change direction and go for the gold!


The recent visit of my mother provided me the perfect opportunity to witness some hidden beliefs that have been in operation in my family for generations. Over and over again, I heard my Mom exclaim that “it is simply too good to be true!” I was able to understand all of us more and to see her struggling with the wounded feminine energy of receiving. All of the wonderful things that appear to be coming together so effortlessly in her life right now, have her feeling a little afraid, because she is not sure if she can trust life completely. Life has handed her, like all of us, some tough knocks.

This is the time to surrender completely; to let go of all the old games of power and control and to open to a new flow of life force energy, as our bodies and minds come into a higher alignment with the creative life force of all that is. Me, I am just too tired to resist anymore and I can’t really remember what all the fuss was about anyway.


I can no longer a time when I was not connected to my higher self and it is becoming quite humorous these days. Just yesterday, as I was sitting in the dental hygienist chair and feeling the tight resistance being held in my jaw, instead of berating myself about my inability to relax there, I chose to breathe right into the tension with so much compassion for me, for all the times that in this position my jaw remembers pain. My body has its own memories, stored in various trauma points and no amount of mental talk is going to fix this past story. It happened and my jaw is afraid of the dentist, I’m not, but it is! This new understanding and choice to be compassionate with myself completely changed the outcome of my visit. For the first time ever, I was able to release into the tension and not have it control me the entire time. I was actually able to enjoy the sense of support, as this young woman dug around in my mouth and did her thing. In fact, at one point, as an Olivia Newton John song played on the radio, I had a hard time not bursting out into laughter, as I caught the cosmic joke. You see it had only been the previous night that my daughter was preparing her 80s outfit and as she pranced around showing it off, I commented that she was looking just like Olivia in the musical, Grease. Now when is the last time that you have heard a song from Grease played on your local radio station? The song was clearly for me; yes, life is really on our side and it is time to lighten up!